Walking In The Air – New Video

Our annual Christmas Video is here!

Our video for “Walking In The Air”, released on our CHRISTMAS album is ready to see the light of today!

It has become a tradition for us to release an annual Christmas video to ring in the holidays (find the full playlist here) and this year we chose ‘Walking In The Air’, the song from the animated movie of the children’s book ‘The Snowman’.

You can argue whether it’s strictly a Christmas song (in the same vain as the old argument, is ‘Die Hard’ a Christmas movie?) but for us it captures the magical feeling of the season perfectly and we love putting it on during the holidays.

We ventured more into the abstract realms with the video-editing which was a nice change from cutting the live Cavern Club videos and Duo Sessions recently, which are all very much “based in reality” 😉

Have a look, hopefully it will make your day a slight bit brighter!

We’ll leave you for now and hope you are enjoying the rest of your day to the fullest. Happy 2nd Advent!

Big hugs,
Mona & Lisa

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1 year ago

I bought the Christmas CD as soon as I heard this song, which was completely new to me. Turns out the whole CD is one gem after another. Most traditional Christmas songs make me want to say “bah, humbug!” but this collection makes me want to buy the world a cup of eggnog.

james sorbera
3 years ago

you are the best i’ve heard in a long time very impressed

Roger Clark
3 years ago

I love this song, have done for many years,.First time I heard your cover I thought, wow, that is so different and so Mona and Lisa. Still like the original but your version rocks.
so says a 77 year old rocker

noal scott
3 years ago

love the music

Steve Tucker
3 years ago

Stunning video – some wonderful imagery interlaced with video of you both … inspired! Beautifully harmonised voices accompanied with some great guitar work throughout. Well done MLT xx

Larry Gillham
3 years ago

As good as it gets with this somg

J Phillips
3 years ago

Wonderful song and video

Randy Hartman
3 years ago

First Christmas season without my Dad who passed in May. It’s been a crazy hard year. But of the things I’m grateful for, discovering Mona Lisa Twins is one. Wonderful song and video. I will continue to come back to this daily throughout this Christmas season, as it brightens up my day. Sincerely, I Thank You! And Merry Christmas to you!

3 years ago

Very very beautiful. I knew nothing of this song or the cartoon, so I got out my Googler and watched the Frosty version. Your production in real life is done amazingly well. Now I have a Holiday favorite to add to my list. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and God Blessed New Year.

Randy Pierce
3 years ago


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Mona & Lisa