Waiting For The Waiter – New Single

New Single Release! 

Hey … hey, hey!
Our hearts are pounding as we are about to share the first new song of the album we have been working on for so long.
The wait is over… here comes the lyrics video for ”Waiting For The Waiter”.

We couldn’t resist putting a lyrics video together. It will shorten the time until the official album release and the production of the official “proper” music video is done. Because as you’ll be able to hear in the song, we’re not too fond of waiting …

The song will be on our upcoming album ORANGE. If you like it and want to secure yourself a signed copy (CD and vinyl available) you can pre-order now!

Featuring a very special guest …

We had great fun incorporating some classic blues elements on the new record, and while you may have heard us go in that direction during live shows occasionally it was new to us to capture it on record and in a song.

John Sebastian, the Woodstock legend and founder of The Lovin’ Spoonful (known for their hit songs like “Summer In The City”, “Daydream” and “Do You Believe In Magic”) is working his great blues harp magic on the track, which really gave it that final, special touch.
We initially didn’t think of asking John Sebastian to play on this one but when we heard what he came up with for our other song (you’ll hear it on the album) we knew we HAD to have him play on “Waiting For The Waiter” too.
We love his contribution and if you do, too, let us know and we’ll pass it on!

Why the 29th of September as the release date?

In the last newsletter we asked if anyone could guess why the album release date, the 29th of September, is so special to us. And a few of you actually guessed correctly!
The 29th of September 2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of us playing our first music performance (outside of school productions). Back then we were only 13 years old and we formed a family band to perform 24 of our favourite songs to about 140 people. We recorded it and turned it into our very first album: MonaLisa & Band Live in Concert 2007

It was the beginning of ALL THIS! We found it only fitting to release our next big milestone on exactly the same day, 10 years later. That’s nearly half our lives! And to know that we spent it not only pursuing our passion and dreams but also building this amazing, loving community around our music makes our hearts do somersaults. Thank you for believing in us.

We’ll leave you to it now and hope you’ll enjoy the new single. Please feel free to share it, send it to your favourite radio stations, blogs, magazines, facebook groups and help us get the ball, or should we say the ORANGE, rolling. 

We love hearing your feedback and please feel free to leave us a comment underneath!

Stay groovy,
Mona and Lisa

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