The Kids Are Alright – New Video

They’re alright …

The Who. And that’s quite the understatement. They hold an incredibly special place in our hearts. Not only were they the first band the two of us went to see live on our own in Australia (during student exchange – a big adventure in our teenage years), their music has also been ingrained in our DNA from very early on. It makes up a big part of our life’s soundtrack.

When the legend himself, Pete Townshend, got in touch with us a few years ago, simply to write some encouraging words to us, it felt like a circle was closing and real life got elevated to some surreal fairy tale. ????

Now we hope you’ll enjoy our Duo Session of a song by one of our favourite bands, originally recorded for the MLT Club where you’ll find many more exclusive videos like this one.

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Chris Weber
11 months ago

I keep finding thread gems like this. Maybe I’ll catch up in a couple years. This is an awesome video. You nail this, like you always do. Is there a name for that piece of wood percussion instrument? I have tables that are smaller than that. I seem to remember seeing it in the background of some other picture(?). Pretty clear, without you telling us, that you love the Who,… Read more »

Tony Amis
1 year ago

Love the Who. This is a great track. Have you recorded any Kinks?

Sykes Terry
Sykes Terry
1 year ago

Love the joyfulness of you. A breath of fresh air!

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