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If you like the Twins’ music and how they are working to capture their place in the music industry, here’s a personal message from Mona and Lisa to you about how you can support them:


“Why don’t you audition for a talent show?”

Sometimes people ask: “Why don’t you audition for a talent show? You might become famous.” Others tell us that we need to get a recording contract to make it in the music business. Well, that sure sounds good – becoming rich and famous overnight just by signing a contract. And it might also seem to be the only way to make it in the music biz these days. But if you really know what you want and are ready to work for it, it is safer not to rely on the help of the music industry but your own know-how and get the support of your audience.

First and foremost we want to become real good musicians and songwriters rather than just signing the first contract we can get. That might not be the way to instant fame and fortune but it’s the right one for us. We decided to start at the beginning and take it step by step. We produce our music, our videos, our CDs, our websites and all that will follow after that by ourselves. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a fun experience to not only improve on our instruments but also learn all kinds of recording/video/web/layout software and do the whole process from the creation to the very end product that goes to you, our listeners and fans. It’s thrilling to not only make music but also integrate our other creative skills and interests to market our music they way we think is appropriate.

We believe we can make it by working hard, following our dreams and of course getting “a little help from our friends“. So if you like, that’s where you come into play. If you want to support us you can do so in many ways:

1) Support us by spreading our music and spreading the word

Tell your friends and family about it.
Play our music in your car, at parties, at work or in the gym.
– Sing, play and cover our songs.
Embed our videoplayers on your website and social network profiles.
Share our links with others and also install some links pointing to our website, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our Youtube channel, twitter around the world.
– On this website sign in for our newsletter. (No worries, we won’t spam you.)
– We would love to play a live concert for you and your friends. You could help us gather as many people as possible and recommend suitable venues in your area.

2) Support us by browsing our store and buying our music

– You can buy our CDs and Downloads.
– Automatically receive notice of our new releases per RSS-Feed.
– In our store register for your own account to manage your orders, downloads, wishlists and the like.
– Create and share your own wishlists with your family and friends.
Give our music as a gift and send it with your personal gift message.
Email your favorite pages/links to your friends.
Review our products.

3) Support us with your knowledge & good contacts

– If you are knowledgeable or know other people who have certain experience in fields like audio/video recording,
cutting, website programming
and related stuff, we could certainly alyways
use some help. Also, recommendations of up-to-date and stable softwares in these fields are welcome as this
saves us hours of research, bug-fixing, … So we can keep making music and don’t get too distracted on other stuff.
– If you are in the event-/tour business or know someone there we would be very pleased about good initial business
– Just use the contact form and send us a message with your ideas.

Whatever means of support you’ll chose – and feel free to come up with your own ideas – know that we are making music for you, not for a jury or the charts. We want to make you happy, we love to light your day (or night), and give you power and support for your endeavors. We are interested in direct communication with our listeners so that we know what is needed and wanted from you, not from the music industry.

Thank you for listening and spreading our music (and for all the nice messages). Your interest keeps us going and makes our work even more fun. You guys have been really great and supportive till now. Thanks to everyone who helped and cared for us so much! You are amazing!

Lot’s of love and stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa


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