Stuck In The Middle With You – New Video

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am …

If only that line wouldn’t pop into our heads whenever we tune into the news. At least we have music to balance out the madness ♥

We recorded this song for the MLT Club a couple of months ago and are now thrilled to upload it to our official YouTube channel for everyone to watch. It was filmed in our Duo Session corner … two guitars, two vocals and a bit of foot tapping. Sometimes that’s all you need!

Happy listening, and feel free to share the video with your friends, leave a comment or send us a little email. All that is greatly appreciated 🙂

This song isn’t available on any album yet but if you’d like to watch more Duo Sessions from the new 2021 “season”, you are very welcome to join the MLT Club.

It’s our groovy little corner on the internet where we upload more music, behind-the-scene videos, duo sessions, sneak peeks, photos etc. than anywhere else on the internet. You can ask us questions in the forum, connect with other fans, take part in exclusive giveaways, get your albums signed and more.

Come hang out with us 🙂

Check out the MLT Club

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and you’ll hear from us soon!

Mona & Lisa

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Symon Munford
Symon Munford
2 years ago

Love what these girls do!

2 years ago

Super tunes for me Thank you MTL.

2 years ago

I fkn Love these guys!!!

Warren Swanstrom
2 years ago

This is what I love to see. I watched the video Stuck In The Middle With You, and it was great. The boots were Beautiful. All the days from the past. Also saw the Fender. Good looking. I sent them a email some time ago to send you a guitar. I am sorry that I had to stop payments but I had spent so much money on new Basses and… Read more »

Leon Riley
2 years ago

Super cover! Keep up the good work twins!

Anthony Muckelt
2 years ago

Great cover as usual. Mona loving the longer hair

Bob Moslow
2 years ago

Mona and Lisa are so gifted and hard working at their craft. I am so thankful they give us, their fans, wonderful music and loan us their Wonderful Spirits, Please support them so they can keep on showing us the Magic they produce.

Tom Fones
2 years ago

ladies i don’t know how you do it.
Songs i didn’t really need to hear again you make sound fresh and worth listening to.
May i please recommend Rafferty’s later stuff on City to City and North & South

Nima Rosepiper
2 years ago

I love this! I finally understand all the lyrics. And it ‘s so much fun listening to this after you Bought A Politician. Mona, I want your boots.

keith conrad reinwald
2 years ago

they have it all……awesome….. i love all their songs..great job ladies.

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