Starman – New Video! (David Bowie Cover)

We filmed this cover of "Starman" on the Martian looking volcanic island that is Lanzarote during our trip there in January. It was the perfect setting. Every time we left the house it was impossible not to expect a UFO to take off behind one of those outlandish looking volcanoes.

We've always been fascinated with space and the question of what could be "out there", ever since we were little kids. Our dad always used to tell us a made-up ongoing bed-time story over several years. It was about two kids, Johnny and Clarissa, and their intergalactic friends, travelling through the universe, exploring new planets and meeting starmen on wild adventures.

Naturally, that planted a strong curiosity about everything outerspacey and we've loved “Starman” ever since we first heard it and were old enough to understand the English lyrics. It captures our feelings about the vast and mysterious universe spot on.

Needless to say, we loved working on this song!

Please let us know what you think of the new "Starman" video in the comments section on YouTube or right here underneath this post. It's the first time we've done a Bowie cover and we're curious to hear everyone's thoughts.

Lots of love you all and stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Audrey Gladman
Audrey Gladman
8 months ago

First time I have heard you singing and loved it. My husband had found your music on u tube. We grew up with the Beatles music and we have now just reached our 70s and found your music fascinating. All of it not just the Beatles. Loved your video in Lanzarote our favourite holiday destination. Take care x

Jim Stubbs
Jim Stubbs
1 year ago

I loved the cover. Do more Bowie, put this on an Album/CD/Stream (whatever they’re called nowadays) and people (read ME) will buy!!!

David Costa
1 year ago

I miss him, too.

Manuel Vilar
1 year ago

Congratulations. That versión of David Bowi’s songs is fantastic.
I’m writting you from hospital and I appreciate your vídeo so much.
Keep in same way.
Manuel Vilar

Juan Antonio Velázquez Solis
Juan Antonio Velázquez Solis
1 year ago

Creo que si Bowie hubiera escuchado la versión de su canción, estaría extasiado como lo estoy, suenan increíbles sus hermosas voces!!! y que decir de los arpegios de guitarra wowwww!!! las felicito el video realmente transporta, inspira y no me canso de verlo, felicidades chicas las admiro!!!!!!

Harmonica Mike
Harmonica Mike
1 year ago

Lovely Ladies doing a superb rendition

1 year ago

Starman is one of my favorite Bowie tunes. What a gorgeous rendition! Your harmonies are superb!

micky ray
1 year ago

i could talk all day and night and for weeks about that era. i graduated hs in ’68 at 17. When I was in hs, i was in the best School marching band probably in the world, and in a Musical band/group playing for money all over West Texas and south/central New Mexico for years in high school (you could get a drivers license at 14 then in Texas) called “The Endless Trip Ungrateful” ,(65, pic included – ‘68. I could have gone with some people to Woodstock but my parents were too old, and i was afraid to leave… Read more »

1 year ago

Love it! Just like everything else you guys do,

1 year ago

Part of the song reminds me of the intro to George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Coincedence?


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