Snow Falls Softly At Night – New Video

Greetings, Everyone! 

Are you beginning to feel festive? Maybe the cups of teas are getting more frequent, the cinnamon candles are replacing the tropical smells, and you're sneaking in the first Christmas deco pieces?

Here's a video to suit the mood 🙂

"Snow Falls Softly At Night" (originally titled "Leise Rieselt Der Schnee") is a German traditional song that you can find on our CHRISTMAS album we have released less than two weeks ago.

It's the only song on the album that includes some lyrics in our mother tongue, so if you were ever curious what we sound like in German, now you know: 🙂

Don't worry, we switch to English halfway through!

We hope you enjoy and as always, stay groovy!
Mona & Lisa

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Jacki Hopper

Lol... After today's nasty Winter Weather Mixed Bag of Freezing Rain/sleet/ice pellets then wet snow and tonight on way home after getting off bus and walking homewards... Snow Falling Softly At Night... Literally, and so, this song came into my head and I softly sang it homewards... Lol... Perfect timing, and "All I Want Christmas To Be" complimented that quite nicely in my head as I went along🎄❄️🌛🌜🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🦌🌳


Whether from home or not music is the tie that binds. It doesn't matter the laugage. Love the song, luv what you two do.😎

Frank De Giacomo

Your Austrian accents are just so adorable! And I think you both just are totally radiant in appearance and voice. Beautiful Christmas tribute only possible from Mona and Lisa. You are am Schonsten und ausgezeichnet!

Darryl Boyd

Cool. I can't recall seeing you play harmonics before on the guitar.
Does that represent Christmas bells maybe?

Jeanne Lawrence

Loved the song so very much and the video was great! Oh, and I want that sparkly sweater!!!💋

Skip Skippy

Beautiful - simple but loving video - superb harmonies, true MonaLisa sound

Snow Falls Softly At Night (Leise Rieselt Der Schnee) - MonaLisa Twins
7,731 views•Nov 13, 2019


Simply beautiful.....I always have loved the original video from your younger days and it is so nice to have this new version on the Christmas album. It literally gives the musical affect of snow falling! I had never heard the song before the original video but it is really beautiful and a new Christmas classic in the Brown household 🙂


È un canto davvero molto delizioso. Complimenti per la vostra vivacità, tenerezza e la vostra superlativa bravura. Vi adoro. Continuate sempre così


When I first saw the video of this you did 9 years ago, it really stood out as a charming little gem with a wonderful countryish/folk sound, and this polished up studio version now many years later is absolutely beautiful. Love it. Your singing in German is delightful to hear.

Jacki Hopper

Such a simple but charming heartwarming song, German and English intertwined perfectly and since you've done sucha beautiful acoustic version and lovely video to embrace the gem of this song, it enchants all who listen and watch, Thankyou, Wunderbar💜☮️

MArty Moore Sr

Well Well Well...Mona is one excellent lead-guitarist. This is the first I've seen her play lead parts -especially complex ones with pinging and such. Excellent job Mona. Hope your hands don't go stiff like mine did after 50 years playing. Do your hand exercizes!


Lovely voices and lovely faces! If I don’t see you, have a wonderful Christmas!



Wilson Roberto Marganelli

It seems that sometimes things happen the moment we need them to happen, and that's what happened today listening to you singing and playing so beautifully. Thank you, I needed this a lot today. It was very beautiful to hear you singing in your native language. I also loved seeing Mona soloing on her beautiful Fender.

Adam Blackwelder

That was beautiful. I love your new Christmas album!


From my 'Christmas' review;

'A pedant may point out that the title of this song could, or should, be ‘Snow falls soft in the night’. Phew! Got that one out of the way! It does not matter. For me this song is best ‘auf Deutsch’* and I’m so glad the girls started it that way. This interpretation has such a wonderfully warm guitar which sings in itself. In shortness and simplicity this song excels as do the girls in this, almost country, version.'

The video is great - just sitting around chillin' and jammin'! Bit cheeky at the end. 🙂

Christomir Rackov

What's wrong with the phrase "softly at night"? 🙂

Thomas Randall

I LOVE IT! Thank you girls! Wonderful song, wonderfully played!


BEAUTIFUL song. It might be a traditional German song, but to me - it's a new treasure. Such beautiful voices and music make Christmas so much better. Great job!! Captures the wonder and beauty of Christmas.


MLT on a song like this,very good as always , very pretty song.

Franco di Pascale

Vero good sound.

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