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"The Mona Lisa Twins take the music world by storm. 2014 the 20-year-old twins were the star attraction at International Beatle Week, drawing in crowds from across the globe."

"Yeah, they're really good. Should bring them to play the Casbah sometime."

"If this was 30-plus years ago and I was back in the PR business, I do believe I'd be pitching for the MonaLisa Twins account. Their harmony work is extraordinary. Don't let them get swallowed up in the contemporary fashion for smothering true talent in a mess of over-produced choreography and outrageous clothing, they don't need that stuff, their musicianship speaks (sings?) for itself!"

"In the days of Mersey Beat my criteria was TALENT. The national music papers would only feature chart artists, I would give my covers and stories to people who I considered talented – apart from Mersey artists, I’d cover talented acts performing in Liverpool such as the Hollies, the Animals or Herman’s Hermits. If I was publishing Mersey Beat today, the Mona Lisa Twins would be on the front cover."

"The MonaLisa Twins are bringing back the POP in pop. They present pop the way it used to be: sweet, harmonic, with easy breezy lyrics that are impossibly catchy. The two have managed to capture the essence of what art is and what it means to people."

"This pair of 20-something Liverpool natives does gorgeous covers of Beatles songs, among others, with Everly Brothers-type harmonies and a sweetness that transcends how this might be perceived. In less musical hands, this might be too precious, too coy, a couple of manic pixie dream girls wandering through their grandparent’s record collection. Instead, they really capture McCartney’s Tin Pan Alley / Broadway flirtations and it makes everything timeless. They’re a wonderful discovery while wandering down a random YouTube rabbit hole.“

"Big things could be on the horizon for the MonaLisa Twins, because at 19, they are already accomplished musicians and have a firm direction for their music. Harmonies seem to come natural to them and if they continue to write slick, catchy pop songs that you can tap your feet to, then there’s no reason why they can’t keep the sound of the 60s alive for a good time to come."

Get HAPPY: Pharrell Williams has nothing on the harmonic convergence of the misnamed MonaLisa Twins - misnamed because their retro-Sixties sound leaves no confusion as to mood; rather, their smiling sound is infectiously, deliriously upbeat, with crisp arrangements and instrumentation to match the Everlyettes vocals."

"I'm hugely impressed."

"They will be the next super group."

"The likes of Bob Dylan or Sir Paul McCartney wouldn’t turn down performing one of these songs"

"I was pretty shocked after hearing the guitar playing on their album "When We're Together" that these two cute Austrian girls are only 19. The guitar work is more intricate than what was on the radio during the sixties. Their strength is their songwriting, their voices are never over emote and stay honest in their inflections."

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