MLT Wall Calendar 2022


MLT Wall Calendar 2022. Thirteen high quality photographs to accompany you throughout the year of 2022.

See tabs below for more info.

Size: 21.6 x 27.9 cm / 8.5 Γ— 10.98 in per page
(1 Double Page for each month)
Specs: 250gms, matt coated paper, silver spiral

All MLT Club Members get their calendar signed. To join the MLT Club or find out more click here.

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Dimensions: 35 × 25 × 1.5 cm SKU: P-Merch-Calendar-2022 Category: Tag: Availability:

Out of stock

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Andrew Butt
9 months ago

Hi Girls, Just to say your 2022 Calendar is already a real ‘Collectors Item’. It has pride of place on the wall in my hall here at ‘Andy Towers’, so its the last thing I see when I go out, and the first thing I see when I return. Favourite picture? Er… probably September, as you both look so natural together. And thanx for the personalised autograph on the front, a real treat! Look after yourselves, Andy Xx

Richard Raighn
9 months ago

Another wonderful collection of MLT Photographs.

Sylvia Wagner
9 months ago

a pretty, enjoyable and practical wall calendar πŸ™‚

Detlef Paul
9 months ago

Thank you Mona & Lisa for making that for your real fans. It is a very nice calendar made

from profis – with beautiful photos in different styles – He hangs above my monitor.

I love it very much.

9 months ago

You both are a delight! I love that you have captured the idealism and social activism of the 1960’s. It was I Bought Myself a Politician that brought me to you. I feel that you will provide the bridge between the Boomers and the Millennials that is so needed to actually change the world. Good work!

Antonio Ap. Lima
9 months ago

The MLT wall calendar with beautiful photos and great quality has become a tradition for me..

Tom McGronan
9 months ago

Absolutley LOVE The Calendar!!!(and the suprise gifts) The Photos are Amazing,all the important dates listed each month are an added bonus.I have gifted one to a friend(along with CD’s),and he is amazed that it was personalized to him.He, in turn is introducing others to the your music.I cannot give enough praise to all at Team MLT!! I am extremely happy to be a MLT Club member(feels more like family/friend).Once again,Thank You for being that shining light in a sometimes dark and cloudy world.You are proof that Angels walk among us.
Can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of us in the coming year.
Love the new songs!! Can’t wait til I can pre order the new album.

As Always,Love & Hugs to all at Team MLT ???? ❀


James Beszhak
9 months ago

This just in!! My calendar that is. I love the pictures you have included, and the added ‘anniversary’ dates are a great addition. I was surprised to find a pick and lanyard in the package. I will put each of them to good use, though my playing skills are pretty primitive. I will treasure everything. Sign me up for next year!

I look forward to a year of more music from my new favorite music artists. Keep those bubbly personalities and wonderful music coming. Thanx so much.

9 months ago

Calendar is high quality (as is all of MLT’s merchandise) and the pics are all wonderful. Hopefully they continue doing calendars every year! Always brings on a smile when a new month comes and turn to see the new picture. (I do not look ahead, That way have a surprise every month.) πŸ™‚

William Hewett
9 months ago

You girls are the best and are invited to northern Wisconsin this summer and play down by the lake with my piano playing medical school son
The calendar is the best and I have turned a lot of people on to your music!

About the Wall Calendar

Last year was the first time we made some wall calendars. We gave most of them away as the β€œmain prize” of the 2020 MLT Club Advent Calendar. Whatever stock we had remaining was sold out within a day leaving some of you disappointed that you missed out on one. So back then we made a mental note to make a few more this year πŸ™‚

We will start shipping them out at the end of the month. And we will also sign them (and – if requested – dedicate them) for all MLT Club members!

Size: 21.6 x 27.9 cm / 8.5 Γ— 10.98 in per page (1 Double Page for each month)
Specs: 250gms, matt coated paper, silver spiral

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