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Live at the Cavern Club is a double album of 28 songs, recorded during the MonaLisa Twins’ 100th and final live show of their two-year residency at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool.

Album Name: Live at the Cavern Club
Album Download: Live at the Cavern Club – 28 Tracks
Download Format: zip file MP3 files + Extras
Release Date: 8 November 2020




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Jussi Ahvenniemi
5 months ago

In my humble personal opinion, there’s no point in doing a cover unless you bring something new, something of your own, to the interpretation. Mona Lisa Twins do exactly that, yet never drifting so far, never taking the adaptation so far, as to lose fidelity to the original.
The recording is not of the best quality, but that’s forgivable, if not to some extent desired, in a live performance of pure rock. However, it left me curious to hear studio versions of these.

Rory Heynemann
5 months ago

The fun and energy shines through in this live album. Performing legendary songs can be a risky prospect but the MonaLisa Twins pull it off with gusto. Love it and love you.

6 months ago

Well, I don’t think The Beatles are more famous than Jesus. I believe they are something like god, in all its forms and manifestations. And so you are the angels in the stable of Bethlehem who every time announce and sing the Glad Tidings to us shepherds. Seriously, you are simply amazing and the concert at the Cavern Club is the proof of that, with one of the best tracklists ever! Lazy Sunday literally made me jump on the chair, a very brilliant choice! So I think you deserve all the success across the universe. Now, even if by genre or period this might be a little out of context, I’d really love to hear an acoustic version of Strawberry fields forever and Don’t look back in anger, you’d immediately step into my musical empyrean! Anyway, very very satisfied with the purchase and highly recommended to other curious shepherds! Hehe Daje!

Chuck Schiappacasse
6 months ago

I love you guys!!! But somehow I lost my download

Monalisa Twins
Reply to  Chuck Schiappacasse
6 months ago

Hi Chuck!
You’ll find all the download links to your purchased albums on your account page and in the confirmation email we send out after a purchase, but we just sent you an email with the link again for good measure 🙂

6 months ago

Merci !
Vôtre album est un régal.

Oliver Huttenlocher
7 months ago

Ihr seid ein wundervolles Duo! 🙂 Wenn man genau wie Ihr durch den Vater mit den Beatles & Co “Groß” geworden ist, dann kann man nur diese Musik lieben! Eure Art von Musik und die Videos von Euch sind absolut Klasse! Ich höre und schaue mir Eure Musik und Videos gerne an! Davon gerne mehr! Auch Eure eigenen Lieder sind absolut Klasse!

Jacques Vernin
8 months ago

J’adore ces deux jeunes femmes pour leur sensibilité, leur créativité, leurs voix, leur capacité à jouer de plusieurs instruments et à composer. Leur charme n’a d’égal que leur gentillesse. Et leur génie a été de jouer les chansons des Beatles à la Cavern, car elles ont fait ce que les Beatles n’ont pas pu réaliser. La jeunesse qu’il nous faut pour un monde nouveau, un beau monde !

Chris Hinks
8 months ago

I’m not a pop music follower, but music generally can inspire – anybody. These two have a wonderful sense of musicality – harmony, rhythm, atmosphere. Their voices blend beautifully. I’ve not had so much pleasure from singing voices, since The Beatles. Thankyou Mona and Lisa!


8 months ago

I was surprised at just how good the production values were. Crisp, clean, and well-balanced. And the music selection is awesome. A wonderful cure for the “fluff” stuff flooding the music channels!

Fred Leff
Fred Leff
9 months ago



Set 1

Set 2


About the Album

This is a double album of 28 songs with a total of nearly 90 minutes of music: A mixture of lots of Beatles and 60s covers and some MonaLisa Twins originals, too. It got recorded at the Twins’ 100th and final show of their two-year residency at Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club on October 8, 2016.

The download contains all songs in the same order that they were performed during the live show. You will hear Mona and Lisa on vocals and guitars, Callum Williams on bass and backing vocals and Charlie Skeggs on drums.

If you are interested in seeing the live videos for each of the songs, we welcome you to join the MLT Club where the whole show is released as videos.

Find more info about the MLT Club here.

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: Live at the Cavern Club
Album Download: Live at the Cavern Club – 28 Tracks
Download Format: zip file with MP3 files + Extras
Release Date: 8 November 2020

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