I Bought Myself A Politician – Single Download



The MonaLisa Twins’ first single off their upcoming album.

Title: I Bought Myself A Politician

Download Format: zip file with mp3 file + Extras (lyrics & single art)

Release Date: August 2021

Lyrics: Click here


To hear more so-far unreleased original music and look behind-the-scenes into the making of this song and video we welcome you to join the MLT Club. More info here.


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Philip Babcock
3 hours ago

God bless everyone involved. Great music as usual. 

The following quote is from Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and I agree 100%

“If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:

Trevor Teasdel
9 hours ago

Wow! Finger right on the pulse! The 60’s was the age of great protest songs. It’s fitting that the Mona Lisa Twins have helped to revive the tradition at this time. Such clever lyrics that clinch all the deals – the press, sleaze and all the lies in one song with a great video. If you are rich, don’t buy a politician, buy a million copies and get this in the mainstream. It articulates, in a fun way, what so many are thinking but can’t express. Excellent work with a nod to Ray Davies. More more more!

Jonathan Walker
15 hours ago

Ha! love this tune & vid. I bought the download straight away. It’s a very clever concept all round really. Shame your own songs & vids don’t get more mainstream ‘play’ – gotta work on that cos I reckon they would smash it for sure – maybe a celeb endorsement on the radio resulting in some airplay would be the way forward but hey, regardless, you guys really groove – take care & carry on team M & L – can’t wait for the album!!

Allan Reeling
15 hours ago

Superb musical content goes without saying. But the lyrics are so clever, in the same vogue as “Waiting For The Waiter”. You are becoming accomplished word masters and story tellers, which is what many really talented groups, and individuals, became.

Philip Babcock
1 day ago

Great music as usual. God bless everyone involved.

The following quote is from Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and I agree 100%.

“If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:THE ONLY PROOF HE NEEDEDFOR THE EXISTENCE OF GODWAS MUSIC”

Kenneth Blackman
1 day ago

I purchased this latest song of theirs (I bought myself a politician) and loved it, Mona is a real character, she seemed to really enjoy herself, as for the song? I loved it as well, it had that MLT sound, and Lisa sang it really well.

Richard A. Gonzalez

Mona and Lisa, I truly love this song. The lyrics, the music and the video was done so well by you, your dad and stepmom. Great job! And I also really liked all of Mona’s costume changes. I look forward for more of your videos. Thanks!❤️❤️❤️

Joey Paradis
8 days ago

What a surprise! You peeps have never gone political up to now. I’m not sure how to react as I wonder what inspired it. As an American observing political upheaval here I see it perhaps differently. Gotta tell ya, though, I appreciate no masks! 😃

Manuel Vilar
21 days ago

Great song. No doubt. Keep composing. Thanks.

22 days ago

Absolutely fabulous! The right song for the right time. Add this song to a list of great originals. Love your covers, but your originals are stand alone perfection!

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