“Paint It Black” – New Cover Video!

For this week’s video we are painting it black!

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Christopher Oliver
8 months ago

When a baseball pitcher throws the strike on the edges of the plate, he is known to “paint the black”. I am an assistant coach for our high school team and after a difficult school day, I went to practice this evening. Spent the time charting our pitchers’ progress, and I notated each time they “painted the black”. Mona and Lisa’s acoustic version kept popping in my head with each strike that the pitchers threw.

Between the pitchers’ performance and the sounds of the twins “Paint It Black” in my head, I am now in a much better state. Thank you to our pitchers and thank you to Mona and Lisa for making my evening brighter. Much needed…

Now I am just waiting for the snow to melt, the sun to shine, and when we can leave the gym and go outside.

3 years ago

Fantastic version of this Jagger/Richards composition. Brian Jones added the sitar to the Stones recording. You look and sound great in this video Mona and Lisa! I see a red head and I want it painted black!

3 years ago

Nice version. I love this Brian Jones song.

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