Paint It Black – New Video

I see a red door …

… and I want it painted black. Black like the doors to the Cavern Club …

Welcome to another clip from our “Live at the Cavern Club” series! We’ll post a few more of these 2016 live performances in the weeks to come. Thanks for the kind comments and awesome feedback on our previous uploads!

We love this hauntingly beautiful Stones track. A few years prior to this performance we had already recorded an acoustic version of it (you can watch it here) but we loved adapting it back to a full-band track for our live shows.

Hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget that you can get the live double album here or join the MLT Club to watch all 28 Cavern Club videos at once (and get your albums signed!).

Stay groovy and we’ll catch you next week!

Mona & Lisa

Get “Live at the Cavern Club”!

“Live at the Cavern Club” is available on CD and as a download. It’s a double album with 28 songs (almost 90 minutes of music) all recorded during our 100th (and final) show at the legendary Cavern Club on Mathew Street in Liverpool.

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Bill Phipps
Bill Phipps
11 months ago

Super harmonies…Nice guitar work. Love it.

11 months ago

Love your version ❤️

Kevin Lancaster
11 months ago

Probably my favorite Stones song – and an awesome cover!! (I liked the acoustic version on YouTube, too)

11 months ago

Awesome performance! You’ve given me a new appreciation of this song. Thank you, ladies!

Jung Roe
11 months ago

I think it’s hard to do justice to a Rolling Stones song because of Mick’s very unique vocal and style, but you pulled it off brilliantly capturing that hauntingly beautiful mood, and in fact making this amazing version all yours. You do it magnificent justice. A brilliant and stunning performance with your rich captivating vocals and superb guitar work, absolutely love it. I knew a die hard Rolling Stones fan… Read more »

11 months ago

I shan’t need to think of words,
for they already exist waiting to find a place to rest in between their music.
Existing in creative frequencies of such talent.
Silent until their voices brings me towards the open space of their sound.
Always so perfect and soothing.
Great job MonaLisa Twins
╰ ((ºLº)) ╮

Alan Davis
11 months ago

Back in the day, I was a much bigger Beatles Fan than Stones Fan, but this was an amazing track, and your cover is flawless and oozing energy!. Interesting tidbit of information, while my sister (5 years older than me) attended Dartford Grammar School For Girls ( in Kent), Mick Jagger and I think Keith Richard attended Dartford Grammar School For Boys. So near and yet so far!

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Mona & Lisa