Nowhere Man – New Video

Nowhere Man, please listen ...

We have a special video to share with you today. It’s amongst the most requested Beatles covers we’ve gotten over the years.

We are keeping up the tradition of posting a video in honour of our dear friend Steve, whose birthday would be today. We sadly lost a very special friend and our greatest supporter at that time, in October 2019, right before the madness set in. He loved the Beatles and intricate harmonies as much as we do, and we recorded this song for him.

So this is for you, Steve, and everyone who has been feeling a little lost lately.

We’ve been mumbling the words to Nowhere Man only too often while reading the news these past 12 months …

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Greg Dent
1 month ago

“‘Nowhere Man’ was OK, but it was hard (to play live).” — Paul, 0.40.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg Dent
david rowe
3 months ago

Mona and Lisa, I really enjoyed the “Beatles and More” 3-volume CD set. Your covers of The Beatles and other 60s artists is superb. I am a big Beatles fan and 60s & 70s music in general. Your harmonies are spot-on for these much-loved songs. As much as I enjoy your covers of great songs, it would be nice now if you were to compose and perform your own material most of the time. I am sure this would be more rewarding!

Cordula Cheshire
6 months ago

Beautiful music. We are really enjoying it.

7 months ago

What a fresh version of a great Beatles song.

Randall Underwood
Randall Underwood
7 months ago

Beautiful song and sung by two Beautiful young ladies. Easy on the ears and on the eyes as well. Thumbs up. Love it.

John Holliday
John Holliday
8 months ago

Oh yes – another fabulous song performed so beautifully. Thank you. I feel completely refreshed and spiritually recharged.

David Wilkins
David Wilkins
8 months ago

Very talented and I also like Amy Slatery. Looking forward to seeing you all on Joolz Holland oe day.

8 months ago

She Drums Too! Sweet! I truly believe your friend Steve is enjoying sitting back and enjoying all the heartfelt effort you and your unseen crew put into this one including all the retakes and mixing it took to get it just perfect. Trust me when I call it perfect. I also believe that there is an underlying meaning as to why you chose this song to be the tribute. Someday maybe you will elaborate? Thank You! (The Whoo)

8 months ago

Great sound, lovely video. There have been a lot of Beatle cover songs over the years, yours are some of the better ones.

9 months ago

Love it! You play and sing so beautifully. Extraordinary talent.

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