NÖN Newspaper features our “The Wide, Wide Land” video

NÖN newspaper article about "The Wide, WIde Land" by MonaLisa Twins

For easier reading please use “Ctrl/Apple +” to enlarge browser view.

This NÖN article is written in German though.
The report talks about us having made 3 new music videos and then continues to feature the background story and video shooting details for “The Wide, Wide Land” video: How we were allowed to use the fields of a well-known turf company for the “wide land” impression, how we filmed the time lapse skies that we inserted afterwards, how we got local brass band’s musicians (and their uniforms) to join our “marching band”. They also say that one of our live concerts will get aired live in an Austrian radio in fall and that we are going to Switzerland and England this summer to play more live shows and do more videos. One whole page! We’re out of words …

The “star” of this report can be watched and listened to here: “The Wide, Wide Land”

Many thanks to NÖN,
Mona & Lisa


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