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We’re definitely not alone when we say that we cannot wait for this year to be over. While we are very aware that bad things can always get worse, we are still hopeful and optimistic for what the next year will hold in store for us all.

We thought it appropriate to send you over to the new year with some good ole’ music. Here is us performing “My Generation” by one of our favourites, The Who. It was recorded at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and is available on your new album Live at the Cavern Club that came out only a few weeks ago.

We cannot wait to one day be back on a sweaty stage with people focusing on the music and atmosphere, not the space that is or isn’t between them. But until then, we will keep sharing our favourite moments from being on stage (a lot more videos can be found in the MLT Club), more music and videos, new covers and original songs and a whole lot more that we have planned for 2021!

So bring it on, we’ll see you on the flip side!

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It contains 12 pictures as well as little notes of important MLT related days – like when our albums were released, our 1st YouTube video, etc.

During the holidays we were holding an Advent Calendar challenge at the MLT Club with the chance to win/earn a free calendar at the end. We have printed more than we knew we were going to need so we’d have a few extra left to sell for those that would like one. 

So, you can grab one now until stock lasts! Once they are gone they are gone, at least until 2022. 🙂

Thanks for spending the past year with us and for all your support. Have an extra groovy 2021 and talk soon!

Mona & Lisa

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Woody Woolcock
Woody Woolcock
7 months ago

You didn’t smash your instruments? When I saw this song performed in 1968 at the Olympia in Detroit they destroyed everything, cops came on stage to hold them (Pete Townsend) from throwing things into the audience. The crowd was forced outside while explosions continued. I’d only seen them on TV with their made for TV version, it was total madness.

11 months ago

Another side of Mona & Lisa! Another great performance that transports you to another time and place. . Full of explosive, rebellious, rocking energy. As always, you look like you both really enjoyed performing this. Tight band.

Jerry Chamness
1 year ago

It’s an awesome calendar with fantastic photos of Lisa and Mona. It will look great in any room or your office wall. It is a bright spot in every day, and a changing smile every month. I am putting mine in my music room.

Valentine Kirejev
1 year ago

Sumptuously! Happy New Year! With new achievements!

Rudy Wilson
1 year ago


Jim Williams
1 year ago

Musically excellent, especially live. A big hand for your bass player and drummer as well. I was never a great fan of the Who but this was one of their best. It definitely expressed the mood of teenagers (like me!) in the 1960s.

Raymond White
Raymond White
1 year ago

Absolutely brilliant..i remember the who doing this..which was controvercial at the time..well done..also remember when the who played at my local football ground..breaking the sound record at the time..CHARLTON was the club.

Jung Roe
1 year ago

A brilliant live performance. Wow Mona’s lead vocals on this brings this classic Who song alive! Love the hard hitting guitar sounds from Lisa’s Gretsch. Rock and Roll doesn’t get better than this, by the two finest rock Queens in the world.

Gerald Osborn
Gerald Osborn
1 year ago

Terrific Cover!!! Your drummer is outstanding!!

John Alan Cox
1 year ago

Another triumph for the Mona Lisa Twins and band

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