Cenario III – Backbeat, Drive & Rock ‘n’ Roll!

MonaLisa Twins' last live show at Cenario III in Vienna

All good things come in threes …

… so we played our 3rd and last show an the Cenario Club in Vienna yesterday.
Absolutely cool we found that some guests had detected us in Google’s internet jungle and followed us all the way down to our website and Youtube right into the club. That’s the kind of stalking we could tolerate more of!

We really enjoyed entertaining the audience and making them dance and sing again at the Cenario III gig. And all the great feedback on our original songs confirmed and encouraged us to continue with our music exactly like we plan to do!
If some of you might want to experience us live too, you are very welcome to visit Scheune Hödl on July 20th at 8pm in Wittau. Things will get kind of intense there – we are planning a big show for our debut in our home area!

Let’s rock ‘n’ roll Wittau – see you there!
Mona & Lisa


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