#2 – Taxman – Live at the Cavern Club (MLT Club Exclusive)

Hello again!

We hope you liked our acoustic cover of Pretty Flamingo we sent you the other day!

We started posting these acoustic “2 voices, 2 guitars” covers in the MLT Club in the autumn of 2019. They have quickly become a Club favourite, and so we created a dedicated “Duo Sessions” section where we regularly upload such performances. 

We’ve done covers of the Beatles, the Kinks, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and many more, and we often rearrange our originals for a stripped-down version, too … 

Click here to watch “Pretty Flamingo” in case you missed the last email.

Another MLT Club series that is very popular is called “Live at the Cavern Club”. There we take you back to October 2016, to our very last residency show at the world-renowned Cavern Club in Liverpool … a stage that’s been our home for 2 full years. Here’s a sneak peek for you today of Taxman – a Beatles cover!

There are many more performances of that night at the MLT Club. In fact, song by song we’re uploading the entire show over the weeks ahead.

The MLT Club helps us make more music and videos like that and stay afloat in today’s world as independent artists. If you are interested in supporting our music you can find out more through this link:

Check Out The MLT Club

We would love to welcome you in our cosy corner of the internet!

Thanks again for listening, 

Mona & Lisa

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20 days ago

WOW. thank you for the video of Taxman. I love it. Great vocal by Mona and great guitar solo by Lisa. You always surprise me, Everything you do is always fascinating. Merci pour tout les excellents videos.

Michael Schuhmacher
10 months ago

Toll! Dieses Lied erinnert mich an meine Rockband-Zeit. Da haben wir “Taxman” auch gespielt. Nicht so schön wie Ihr, aber auch hübsch. Wir haben es etwas “rockiger” gespielt, weil wir ja sowieso eine Radau-Band waren.
Sollte ich auf meinen Reisen jemals nach Liverpool kommen, können wir ja mal zusammnen hocken und es gemeinsam klimpern.

10 months ago

Amazing harmonies, great rendition. A fabulous tribute to the Fab Four.

Bob Moslow
11 months ago

Greetings from New Mexico, USA. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You both have made this year better for your listeners. We are so lucky to have you within our universe.

Matthew Kitsell
11 months ago

Tremendous cover, I think George would have been very pleased! The guitar solo doesn’t look at all easy but you really ripped into it with gusto – great stuff!

Deidre Darnell
Deidre Darnell
1 year ago

One of my all-time Bee-atle favorites! And George Harrison’s announcement to John and Paul that he had arrived as a songwriter for sure! Thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

Love it!

1 year ago

I love your Beatle Covers but I like your original music even more

1 year ago

Fabulous rendition!

Mike White
1 year ago


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