Merry Christmas 2010 from the MonaLisa Twins

MonaLisa Twins Merry Christmas 2010

We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas 2010 and a Happy New Year.

We’ve been writing more songs lately and started to do some proper recordings. It’s going really well at the moment, even though you guys didn’t get to see that much of us in the last time. Thanks for your patience though, we’re sure it will pay off! Enjoy this peaceful time of the year,

Mona & Lisa


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2 years ago

100% MLT Fan!! You go girls. About 3 years after this photograph, I ran across the song, I Don’t Know Birds That Well by pure happenstance, and have been your admirer ever since. The next thing I knew, the fellow from Miami who was the greatest MLT fan to ever live in the State of Florida bought the most fabulous electric guitars for the group. That was pretty nifty of… Read more »

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Mona & Lisa