Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind – MonaLisa Twins ft. John Sebastian

New Video! 

Time for another video with our dear friend and huge musical influence, the one and only John Sebastian from the Lovin’ Spoonful! Back when he flew over to visit us to record the music video for our single “Waiting For the Waiter” we also made time for a few extra projects. One of this being a remake of one of our favourite Spoonful tracks “Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind”.

We adore this song. Something about it always felt perfect to us … the humor, the arrangement, the melody and lyrics with its tiny twists and turns. Such a well-crafted little gem.

The song is available on our album MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 3 and now we also have this little video to go with 

Stay groovy, guys and gals!

Mona & Lisa

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Daniel Smith

That would be a hard choice to make.

Tom Hubbard

I've been a huge John Sebastian fan for most of my life, and I was delighted to see your version of "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind". Great work! And his harmonica playing on "Hey, Waiter" was superb, as well. Thank you, most sincerely, for both of those. Have you ever considered doing a version of "Coconut Grove", or "Magical Connection"? I'd purely love to see how you treat those.

I had previously seen some other songs of yours, mostly early Beatles tunes like "I'll Follow The Sun", "Drive My Car", and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". They were outstanding, too, but "Hey, Waiter" shows that you two have some serious chops as songwriters yourselves.

I'll await the CDs.

Mario Azzopardi

I have loved John Sebastian.both when he was with Lovin spoonful. and solo. And to see him now perform with what I consider todays best artist Mono Lissa Twins. Is a real treat. This version is fantantisic All you guys do justice to the song Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind. Thank you for allowing this video to happen. All the best to you all

Stephen Clark

I have been a fan of John Sebastain since he first came out when I was a teen. Love his music; Love that you beautiful and talented girls are honoring him; and love your music always. It makes me smile.

Carlos Pantoja

Congratulations, wonderful! Mona and Lisa, when you to coming to do a show in Brazil?❤

Howard Bedwell

A lovely song performed perfectly by the brilliant JS and the gorgeous MonaLisa Twins. Sublime singing again from the twins. So easy on the ear and the eye with their colourful sixties mini dresses that suit them so well. What's next? 'Darling Be Home Soon', 'Do You Believe In Magic', 'Younger Girl' or 'You Didn't Have To Be So Nice'?

Michael Grimshaw



excellent !!! Merci


I remember John from Woodstock (always wanted his tie dyed jacket????) great little song with lovely harmonies from the georgeous twins !! X

Tom Hubbard

Did you know that he'd tie-dyed that jacket and those pants himself?


Awesome! You girls are exceptionally talented. I still think you should,in your spare time, Ha ha,get together with Sina on drums,and someone equally as talented on piano/keyboard, and form a Beatles all girl cover band. You would rock the world again I'm sure. Much❤️Always

Dale Madaczky

It's so nice hearing this old Lovin' Spoonful song again, and the three of you did such a fine job on it. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


I love this! I was a teen in the 60's and loved the album this was on. And I am a big fan of the you Twins! Thanks for all the good feelings!


I am the same age as John Sebastian and remember him well. Just thinking that it would be great if you two could go on tour with him. Probably take a lot of planning.
It would be wonderful to see you do live performances again. I also loved the video and the CD's.

Hillbilly John

I must admit I have procrastinated checking out your music until I watched this video. I was impressed! Now I’ll have to go back and check out what I’ve been missing.




Excellent! I remember when this was a new song...you 3 did it better????

Jess Cortez


Jess Cortez

Perfectly recorded, sound quality, blending, voice placings, twas professionally done. Congratz..

Bambang Sardjono

Congratulations to this very awakening and inspire me. I have had the album of John Sebastian which I bought in 1971, contains of She is a lady etc.... Best regards




Recycling those old guys, I mean songs. I enjoyed the song and video.
Keep playing.


I'm blown away!


Thought you might enjoy this Greg. Tim


I love it!!!!!

Jim dougherty

Throughly enjoyed your humorous rendition with a John Sebastian , great harmony , we need more! God Bless!

Robby Breighner

who is the cameo performer?


Excellent choice..great harmonies and nice picking Mr. Sebastian.


Great ladies have always loved that song ????????

Stefan Hearst

Mona and Lisa may both have been named Jeanie. This is because they are both musical and vocal jeaniouses (Geniuses). OK. So I better keep my day job since standup comedy is not my forte. Love you guys anyway and love your singing with the great John Sebastian.

Stefan Hearst

Always loved John Sebastian and this classic song and so happy that Mona and Lisa are so blessed to meet great artists and the joy they have singing and performing with these great icons of rock and roll.


I love this song! Cheeky and not to be taken too seriously. That written, the song is so much fun and easy on the ear. Well performed by all (including the cameo) the video is typical of the quality we have come to expect of MLT. And JS! What a star.

Keep up the good work folks. 🙂

Robby Breighner

who is that cameo?

Howard Bedwell

The cameo is Papa Rudi, as the concerned father!

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