Our Last Cavern Club Residency Bow

MonaLisa Twins Last Cavern Club Residency Bow

We’ve done it!

Yesterday we took a bow on the Cavern Club Liverpool stage for the 100th time which marks the end of our 2 year residency!

Thank you so much to all of you who came out yesterday. So many familiar faces in the crowd and such a warm atmosphere! And with the air conditioner blowing up during our set, we really did go out with a bang 🙂

We’ve said it before but we want to take the time again to thank Bill Heckle, Jon Keats and the other Cavern Club directors for having us. Thanks to all the other great bands that make sure the place rocks day in day out and who have been fantastic to be around.

Our best wishes to Martin Quinn and his band who will be taking over our spot. We’re sure you’ll have a blast as much as we did! Thanks to the sound engineers, bar staff, security and to all the fantastic musicians that have shared this legendary stage with us over the last couple of years.

Now it is time for us to focus on the things ahead and get the next album out!

To quote today’s big Birthday Boy (John Lennon would be turning 76): TO THE TOPPERMOST OF THE POPPERMOST!!!

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Who’s with us on this ride?
Mona & Lisa


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