I’ll Follow The Sun – New Video

“And now the time has come …

… And so, my love, I must go. And though I lose a friend, In the end you will know.”
I’ll Follow The Sun – one of our favourite Beatles songs that is hugely responsible for us falling in love with their music when we were teenagers.

The song will feature on our album MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2 which is available for pre-order right now! If you also join the MLT Club before the release date (28th of October) you’ll even get a free month and your copy signed!

“I’ll Follow The Sun” has always been one of our favourite melodic Beatles songs. It sounds so simple at first listen yet it’s anything but. The chords are complex, and the way the melody loops around when the verse repeats has always fascinated us. Add Paul’s sweet voice and it’s a timeless masterpiece.

We remember vividly the time, many years ago, when we were about 14 years old and riding on a bus through Austria on a group excursion with our grandparents and a whole bunch of their friends and their grandchildren. The two of us spent the entire ride in the last row listening to Beatles songs. It was at the height of our Beatle Mania phase when we were in the middle of discovering and devouring their entire back catalogue and learning all songs by heart.

“I’ll Follow The Sun” came on on our mp3 player (no iPhones back then), and we put it on repeat at least three times. Then we walked through the aisle of the bus to our grandpa, made him listen to the song, got our mp3 player back and continued our Beatles listening session while driving to some castle or museum – The Beatles seemed much more important at the time. Frankly, they still are! 😉

For some reason, it was especially important to us that our grandpa listened to that one song in particular, because we couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and just had to share that with someone. He’d never heard it before but he said he liked it so we were satisfied. Mission accomplished.

Now we hope you like our humble take on it!

We initially recorded this song a while ago for Steve from Florida, one of our biggest fans and supporters. It was a birthday surprise for him and we loved creating something that we knew would make him smile. Now he and we are excited to share it with you all!

Let us know what you think about it, please.

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Jung Roe
1 year ago

I think this was the very first video content post when the MLT Club launched 1 year ago. So thrilled to be here 1 year later, and to see the Club going strong and growing. Thank you to team MLT for all the hard work to give us so much wonderful content, fun, and joy here at the Club.

daniel trahan
daniel trahan
2 years ago

You ladies are “wunderbar”. I am a beatles-loving american. If you ever need a singing Bassist let me know, lol. Anyway, you both are so talented, I wish you the best. You are much better than any of the “big” acts, who can’t hold a candle to you. One of my favorite songs to play and sing is “she’s a woman”. Have you covered that yet? Sincerely yours, Daniel

M Farlow
2 years ago

Wonderful cover. Its great to see you guys keeping up the good work. Mona! The flute! You did so very well (you got a real talent for playing furniture too). Ladies, you keep me, and so many others, smiling. Great stuff.

Simon Moore
2 years ago

This has been one of my favourite tracks since I was given the first 8 Beatles albums when I was 17, I’m 64 now and I still love it. You do a great job of covering it. Peace and Love.

Rubber Soul
2 years ago

The flute gives it that extra bit like in You’ve got to hide your love away. Clever job!

2 years ago

Love your version of this song. You girls sing like angels. The one spot where Papa Rudi has a big smile on his face projected to me how proud he must be of his daughters. He and Michaela have done a tremendous job raising you two and helping in developing you into the fine, upstanding young women you are today. You are two very fortunate young ladies to have them as parents.

Saba Arif
2 years ago

How wonderful is this? What a beautiful arrangement of a massively underrated song.

Possibly my favourite Pre-1965 Paul song. Mona, your flute playing was sublime! Loved it!
P.S. Totally off-topic but that Abbey Road sweater is absolutely adorable, Lisa!

David Holmes
2 years ago

Love this, love you two and I have pre-ordered both albums

Christopher Gonzalez
2 years ago

The “I’ll Follow the Sun” video has become a new favourite MLT cover of a great Beatles song. I love ❤️ you both Mona & Lisa. It’s great seeing your father Rudi supplying a great bass track to this classic song.

Steve Dunning
2 years ago

Great cover. Beautiful harmonies as always. Looking forward to receiving my pre-order vols 2 and 3.


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