If I Needed Someone – New Beatles Cover with Mike Massé

If I Needed Someone - Mike Massé and MonaLisa Twins

Mike Massé and MonaLisa Twins perform an old Beatles favorite. If you love it, please SHARE! ❤️MonaLisa Twins website: https://monalisa-twins.com/ Mike Massé's website: https://mikemasse.comMonaLisa Twins on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MonaLisaTwinsMike Massé on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/mikemasse

Gepostet von Mike Massé am Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2019

MonaLisa Twins meets Mike Massé!

Last week we shared our live version of  "Africa" (Toto cover) from Mike Massé's show at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool. Now we finished up the video we filmed together in our studio the day prior ... a new Beatles Cover!

Mike suggested to do the 3-part harmony George Harrison song "If I Needed Someone" which we were immediately on board with. It has been nearly six months since we've done any Beatles songs, so we think a Fab 4 fix was overdue! 😉

One of the wonderful side effects of being artists and musicians is that we get the chance to meet and work with other creative people, and it was inspiring and fun teaming up with Mike for this little project. We hope you enjoy the outcome!

Why not visit Mike's Website, Facebook page or YouTube channel and send him some love?

Stay groovy,

Mona & Lisa

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Skip Skippy

lost count how many times i've come back to this page, just cant stop listening to this song,
absolutely fabulous,

Skip Skippy

comment no 38, this includes all previous comments plus a big fat yes ! brilliant version, much more pleasant to listen to than the original, harmonies are gorgeous !!

Darryl Boyd



OK, this may be blasphemous to say - but here goes: This cover is better than the original. All three of you are the new voices of classic rock, including interpreting the rich legacy of the fab four. Of course, George retains the singular honor of composing this upbeat and [rubber] soulful classic.

Frank De Giacomo

Fantastic jobs on drums and lead twelve string Mona!
Paul would be proud if Lisa’s bass!
Mike’s lead was great but the ladies harmonies push this song over the top!
Great cover of a George classic

Jam Bradley

I do hope you ladies are playing again in May 2020 in Liverpool with Mike Masse when he comes over again


great job, best cover yet


what a great job, A plus all the way. sounds a lot like george singing too.

Jim Beasley

This is my first comment on your web site. I just have to say again yall drove that song all the way home, George I think is proud of your cover.

Alex Jordan

Fantastic cover, as usual. So jealous of Mike Masse getting to sing those fabulous harmonies with you. Haha! You really get the harmony vocals perfectly and your arrangement is true to the original. Truly fab! Congrats!

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