I Bought Myself A Politician – New Video

Our new single is here!

Our new song, the first release off our upcoming album, is ready to see the light of day! 

It’s been a while since we released some new original music, and we are beyond thrilled to share the first single of our upcoming album with you.

“I Bought Myself A Politician” is available on all the main music and streaming platforms and of course here on our website! Please share the video link far and wide with friends, family and whomever else you think might enjoy this song 😉

We’ll let the song do all the talking for now and are curious to read your comments below and on YouTube!

Big hugs,

Mona & Lisa

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Stacey Wyant
Stacey Wyant
3 months ago

Spot on and scary-funny. Keep up the spirit!

John Hall
9 months ago

I just have to add something to my previous post. I’m 68 years old and appreciate your music incredibly much! It’s perfect for today’s world as it unfortunately stands and I love “I bought myself a politician” which first turned me on to your music because this song signifies what the problem is with capitalism and politics. Perfect!
Your music is also reminiscent of my days long past as a loving peaceful man in the heat of the mid to late 1960s. Need I say more? Thank you very much ladies. I wish I knew about you long before now.Please don’t stop.

John Hall
9 months ago

I love it!!

Robin Berry
Robin Berry
9 months ago


Lois Arlene Wharton
11 months ago

I Love your new song.

Bob DiSilverio
11 months ago

Love it. Nice old-timey changes. Am I hearing a circle of fifths in there?

william wicks
11 months ago

Just the song to play to the current crop of pollies in Australia. Have a great new year , lovely ladies.

Jim Frei
11 months ago

I love this song and video!

Nigel Baxter
11 months ago

I love it! It’s a fun way of saying the sort of things many of us might say in private conversation! The video adds visually to the great lyrics. Superb!

Colin Shoard
1 year ago

Another excellent song from the two of you! So when’s the new album due out??

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