I Bought Myself A Politician – New Video

Our new single is here!

Our new song, the first release off our upcoming album, is ready to see the light of day! 


It’s been a while since we released some new original music, and we are beyond thrilled to share the first single of our upcoming album with you.


“I Bought Myself A Politician” is available on all the main music and streaming platforms and of course here on our website! Please share the video link far and wide with friends, family and whomever else you think might enjoy this song 😉


We’ll let the song do all the talking for now and are curious to read your comments below and on YouTube!


Big hugs,

Mona & Lisa

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13 days ago

WOW!!! Amazing awesome video and song!! 10 out of 10 for songwriting, lyrics, musicianship, acting, video production, etc etc, perfect right down to the finest of details. I’m wondering if even you realize just how bang on accurate you are with your delightful musical interpretation of our worldwide fake pandemic, ie PLANdemic. It goes without saying the world is currently in a sorry depressing state, and this song is so very topical to the issues, it gets my vote as the world’s theme song for 2021. Thank you for pointing out just how badly we’ve been deceived by the evil controllers and players forcing their sinister agendas upon us, that’s immeasurably important, and too few people have come to realize that yet. And yet you achieve this in such a satirically sarcastic manner with your wonderful sense of humor, it makes me smile and chuckle every time I watch your video. Thank you for brightening up these dark times.
PS…love your shopping list!…haha…Politics, Opposition, Press, Health Care, Science, Education…and Orange Juice…absolutely CLASSIC!!

Jean François PERES
16 days ago

« Coucou » from France,
Tout est original, le thème, la mise en scène etc le tout avec humour dérision et vérité;
Une Lisa au top musicalement et devant la caméra avec toutes ces Mona multifonctions, le rêve!! sans oublier les sangliers qui font les chœurs… je reste séduit
Bravo l’équipe, continuez car vous le valez bien

Everything is original, the theme, the staging etc all with humor derision and truth;
A Lisa at the top musically and in front of the camera with all these multifunction Mona, what a dream !! without forgetting the wild boars which make the choirs … I remain seduced
Well done team, keep going because you are worth it

Randolph Capocasale, MD
Randolph Capocasale, MD
17 days ago

Brilliant piece. I am sorry to admit I had never heard of you, but you have done excellent apprenticeship with the Beatles and I feel somehow this song is a turning point for you. You will now become a social force. The acting in the piece is also superb–and that was the key for the Beatles too; they were charming and disarmingly humble (at least at first) geniuses. I find the piece addictive and am utterly charmed by Gate’s solemn little nod of conviction as she sits in the bubble bath saying, “There’s something that I really want to do.” How poetically conveyed is the utter absurdity of this man. And that smug little smile so mona lisa like when she stands in front of those unforgetable singing boar’s heads. Bravo. I could go on and on about it because there is hardly a detail out of place or a detail that is irrelevant–that is art. And art is as close as we can come to perfection. I have so much more to say about it, but I’ve got run right now. As Mc Arthur said….

Chuck McKinnis
26 days ago


I would like to add to your spot on comment, however, this is regrettably, not only accurate to Germany, but to the entire “New Capitalist World”.

The Twins fresh take on “Classic” tunes of the past, which were from MY generation and I miss them terribly, but to being Politically Poignant. Looks like these Lady’s aren’t just inciteful musicians, but also budding Leaders. That’s where the originals, my generation coped out, they are now the Senators and CEO’s of today…I cite the hallmark of our protesting past mantra: “Legalize Pot”….can anyone tell me WHY that is?

Young people of the world, please don’t repeat history; if you tune in, turn on and drop out….Nothing will ever change! Don’t be a DROP OUT!!!

To put this in context: I’m 68…..

Chuck McKinnis

Heijo Rost
26 days ago

A beautiful song! A perfect fit for Germany.

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