Beep beep m beep beep yeah!

Six years ago today we posted a live recording of us performing “Drive My Car” from a show we played in a Country-style Pub in Vienna. 
Little did we know that it would suddenly become one of our most watched videos during the last 12 months, introducing thousands of new people to our channel. If you’re one of them, welcome, we’re happy you decided to stick around 

When we had the opportunity to do a little photo/video shoot with an MG Oldtimer a few months ago, we filmed this short clip in order to celebrate the Birthday of the cover  Hope you like it!

One of the pictures from the shoot even made it on the front cover of the Octagon Car Club Bulletin and into a few other car magazines. If you’re a MLT Club Member you can watch the photos we took during the shoot here (make sure you are logged in first!).

To get a copy of the bulletin please contact the club through their website. They would be £2.00 plus postage.

If you’re interested in becoming a member to see exclusive content like those photos, you can find out more here.

Huge thanks to Peter Whyte for setting this up and his friend Tony Seed for letting us drive his 1954 MG TF and trusting Lisa not to wreck it 


Watch the live performance on YouTube!

Song available on MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & More Vol. 1.

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