Drive My Car – New Video

Baby, you can drive my car …

We know that many of you reading this will have first discovered our music through our cover of “Drive My Car” on YouTube. It’s the most watched video on our channel!

It came from a performance back in Austria in 2012 during our first year of regularly performing with a band.

Well, that song stayed on our setlist ever since then, and today we uploaded a version of it that we had recorded at the Cavern Club in Liverpool … 4 years later!

As musicians and performers we have changed quite a bit over the years, and we love seeing the difference in the two videos. We are still very proud of the 2012 version but we think you can tell that we have learnt to have a bit more fun on stage ๐Ÿ˜‰

New Original Music

This live recording is also the opening track of the album Live at the Cavern Club which we released last year. You can listen to the whole performance of that night (28 songs) on CD or Download, and of course we also warmly welcome you to join the MLT Club to get your CD signed by us before we ship it off.

We are also uploading a new song in video form from that performance to the MLT Club every 2-4 weeks. By the end of the year the full concert will be available to view there, and of course we also upload a lot of other content there twice a week ranging from exclusive Duo Sessions to Q&A videos.

Check out the MLT Club

Also, as a reminder, the black & yellow MLT T-shirts got restocked for the very last time and once they’re gone, they’re gone! So, if you are planning to grab one, don’t wait too long ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all for today! We are still working on our next big video project for a single off the upcoming album, but that will take a few more weeks to plan, shoot and edit. It’ll be a big one!

We’ll keep you posted, and of course you can always follow us on our Social Media channels (FacebookInstagram & Twitter) for some more regular updates.

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Peter Kabatek
11 months ago

I can’t believe how well you played this song in 2012!

Russell Groves
1 year ago

Am I the only person who thinks this song wasn’t really about driving and cars?

stephen bell
stephen bell
1 year ago

going to be a star ? believe me, you are, brill voices, guitar playing is WOW, and you look good, thank you for playing. xx

1 year ago

The Beatles must be proud of that rendition, amazing, such energy x

1 year ago

I have been listening to the 2 CD album “Live at the Cavern Club” in my car for months now! I NEVER gets old!

1 year ago

I saw The Beatles 2 times & was fortunate enough to sit in the 4th row so I, unlike most people who went, could hear every note. I have also seen McCartney 2 times also. I have been a huge fan of yours & really appreciate the attention to detail you put into performing their music. From the make of guitars to the harmonies. I am a self taught drummer, keyboard player, & guitarist & have studied the Beatles music in such detail. You 2 bring the spirit of the Fab Four into the future embodied in 2 Beautiful women. Thanx for doing what you do. PEACEโœŒ

Bob UK
Bob UK
1 year ago

Hello Mona & Lisa

Energy, energy and more energy, you can’t fake it, it’s right there jumping out at you from this fabulous video. What’s not to love ! This is as fresh as The Beatles recording which I listened to on it’s release in the 60’s, something of a revelation then, and you do it more than justice.

Thomas Metz
Thomas Metz
1 year ago

Hello Twins,

I am really soorry: You cannot drive my SUZUKI – Insurance Problems!!

You’re not listed in my Car Insurance.

But there is a possibility to get it right: Send to me copies of your driver licences.

Best wishes


1 year ago

Another sanity salvaging song from the Cavern. Thanks very much.

Peter Noel Kakolak
Peter Noel Kakolak
1 year ago

“…beep beep beepbeep beeep…”, groovy ๐Ÿ™‚

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