‘CHRISTMAS’ – Album Trailer!

The trailer for our upcoming CHRISTMAS album is here ... 

... With a little bit of a sneak peak on some of the new recordings and also our original song 'All I Want Christmas To Be'.

The full track list is:

  • All I Want Christmas To Be
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy 
  • Wonderful Christmastime
  • Snow Falls Softly At Night
  • Winter Wonderland
  • It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  • Walking In The Air
  • Santa Baby
  • Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
  • Silent Night

Are you looking forward to any track in particular?

The finished CDs will arrive from the pressing plant in only a few days, and our elfs are ready to start packing pre-orders straight away. It's the most wonderful time of the year ... how fitting! 😉

Thanks to all who have already secured their copies ♥ If you want to pre-order some as well, you can find all available bundles here. Don't forget, we offer discount prices up to -20% in case you want to give away some copies to friends, family, co-workers or neighbours! More info in the product description  of the CD.

Stay groovy & get Christmassy,

Mona & Lisa

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Jerry Chamness

Beautiful Christmas Album! Awesome Covers and the original "All I Want Christmas to Be" is my new favorite Christmas Song! That is all I want Christmas to be. Friends and family gathering together to celebrate Christmas while listening to the sweet music and the fantastic harmonies that the Sweet, Beautiful, MonaLisa-Twins produce, while enjoying each other's company.
Thank You for giving us this music to enjoy at this very special time of year! Christmas Blessings to you and your family, friends, fans and team MLT! Much Love


I just finished listening to the download of "Christmas". This is your best album yet!! Wonderful, fabulous, beautiful!! You've given your fans the best Christmas present possible. Thank you, Mona and Lisa!! Thank you so much!!

Frank De Giacomo

I heard the previews of “Christmas” tonight and I can’t wait to hear the whole album completely. The arrangements and harmonies, especially “Silent Night”, make the album a holiday playlist must-have!


how about Christmas at Home by SPF3. I think its on uTube.... you guys could do a great job with your harmonies......


I don't particularly love McCartney's 'Wonderful Christmastime,' but as a sometimes ukulele player I have to hear how you do it.

Tomás F Calvo

This promises to be a FAB album, especially the new song, "and that is All I Want Christmas to be, a time when we all come together to see how the f... " Dying to know the rest. The little glimpse into it shows some serious musical writing skills. Also Happy Xmas (War Is Over) seems to have a fresh interpretation, really looking forward to all of it!


I am over the moon about this album! I can't wait!
I had already figured out that the John Lennon Song would be included. (Why Not, right?)😀
If I had to pick a song it would have to be between 2 actually.
Snow Falls Softly At Night (because part of it is in German, your native tongue)
And All I Want Christmas To Be ( because its an original)
I would like to hear Silent Night in German one day. I've heard it once and its so beautiful. (Did you know the original version is in German?)
Thanks Ladies for bringing such a Christmassy feeling this year.

Michel Thibeault

Love you

Michel Thibeault

I love your music and your Christmas album

Harry Sinnett

Looking forward to hearing the whole CD, but especially "Silent Night"; that has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs. Thanks, young ladies.

Wilson Roberto Marganelli

Nunca tive um disco com cancões de natal. Mas, se eu decidir que tenho que ter um, com certeza será o Christmas Album. Acabei, nesse exato momento, de comprar o ORANGE e não vejo a hora de te-lo em mãos. Em breve comprarei um cd de covers ou mais do que um quem sabe. Amei o Christmas Album Track List. Com certeza esse será um dos cd`s com cancões de natal mais lindo de todos os tempos.

Google Translate:

I never had a record with Christmas songs. But if I decide I have to have one, it will definitely be the Christmas Album. I just bought ORANGE right now and I can't wait to get it. Soon I will buy a cd of covers or more than one who knows. Loved the Christmas Album Track List. This will surely be one of the most beautiful Christmas CD albums ever.

David Giacomini

The songs sound great. I can’t wait until I hear Lennon’s Happy Xmas. Looking forward to getting it. I love Wonderful Christmas Time.


Link to purchase CD? (I know, Dino)

Bruce Levis

Sounds good girls just like your other songs. I especially like when you sing Beatles songs and other artists from that era.😊

Michael Schuhmacher

I hate christmas-songs!!! But when Mona & Lisa sing it...........
My favorit is "All I Want Cristmas To Be"!
And I like "Happy Xmas" WITHOUT (!!!) Yoko Ono!

James Runka

Looking forward to Happy Xmas and Wonderful Christmastime!


Looks great - I hadn't ordered yet but the track list sealed it! Can't wait to hear all of it.

Arthur Robillard

A very welcome addition to my Christmas library, I'm sure!
Placed my order the day it was announced, but I don't remember the site asking if I wanted it signed. If it's not too late please autograph mine "to Arthur".


Yes Arthur, all members get their CDs signed 🙂
We just dedicated yours and they'll be on their way in a couple of days! 😉
Can't wait for you to get them, thanks for the pre-order!


Some great songs on the list! Walking in the Air and Silent Night are beautiful songs and I am just trying to imagine what your beautiful harmonies can do with them. I can't wait to hear your Christmas original. Only 2 more weeks to go, yay!

Jacki Hopper

Well... That's Frikkin Festive Fab Groovy.... Ooohh this wee Canucker Elf-Reindeeress eagerly awaits for the arrival of Pre-ordered Xmas CD whenever it shall arrive (perhaps there might be some Snow White on the ground by then), The headphones will gleefully Crank the MLTBuzzing Xmas Cheer, here, here, My Music Ears will Jingle Lovely Decibels🎄

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