Live at Cenario Vienna and at the Street Festival Aspern (Vienna)

MonaLisa Twins live on stage at the Cenario in Vienna

We had quite an exciting weekend with two gigs – one at Cenario/Vienna and the other one at the Street Festival Aspern!

The atmosphere was terrific at Cenario. We are really looking forward to playing there again on 8th June, 8 pm. Of course, all of you are more than welcome to visit us and bring your friends.

Saturday we played at Streetfestival Aspern which is a district of Vienna. We thank the organizers that we got the opportunity to perform a full MonaLisa concert on Saturday evening – instead of just 2 songs at the band-contest on Sunday afternoon. We also say thank you to the wonderful audience which kept faith with us despite the tombola, the well-known Viennese band on the second (main) stage and the little intermezzo with a torn string we had to fix. We are very happy that people liked our own songs so much and about all the praise for our music. As always we got actively supported by Michael Mozeth on the bass and Philipp Wolf on the drums!

Next weekend will be quite similar, we will play Friday night at Mamas Bar/Kirchberg and at a City Festival in our neighborhood on Saturday. That’s how we really love it! We hope that we will get to see all our new listeners at one of our next shows. Please don’t forget to reserve your tickets in time!

All the best,
Mona & Lisa


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2 years ago


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