Both Sides Now – New Video

Moons and Junes and Ferris Wheels …

We caught the Joni Mitchell bug a few years ago, and her music has been part of our lives’ soundtrack ever since.

When it came to these stripped back “Duo Session” recordings that we do regularly over at the MLT Club we knew we wanted to try some of her material for one of them. It’s hard not to fall in love with this woman, her music and fearless, poetic, honest song-writing. The song and its words speak for themselves ♥

It is also the first time we recorded something with an open guitar tuning, one of Joni’s trademark sounds.

We hope we did the song justice and that you’ll enjoy this little clip, filmed in our Duo Session corner. It is available on our album “The Duo Sessions” on CD or as a download.

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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1 year ago

nice one girls

Robert (Bob) Moslow
1 year ago

Beautiful rendition, The mark of true artists is the ability to perform and record without overproduction. These two remarkable young women have that understated beauty combined with winning personalities. Please consider donating to MonaLisaTwins in honor of their birthday, June 16.

1 year ago

Careful, respectful, talented remake of this wonderful classic. Thanks for it.

Paul deMarrais
1 year ago

Just beautiful! Joni seems kind of forgotten, but she wrote so many wonderful classic songs and stayed true to her music and interests. Hope you do something from Sisotowbell Lane, one of her very early albums, before she was a big star. Love your music!

1 year ago


John Beswick
1 year ago

You two never cease to amaze me…..musical perfection. I am a major fan, and that’s coming from someone that’s played for 60 years. I live near the Gold Coast in Australia but when this Covid 19 restrictions are lifted I hope to come over to see you both.In the meantime just keep doing what you are doing…..wonderful.

Don Zengierski
1 year ago

A gift to music. Thanks again agents of joy. Stay the Way
Zenbeatle Zen

Robert Murray Kerr
Robert Murray Kerr
1 year ago


1 year ago

Ah, so nice. 🙂

Sunny Fung
1 year ago

How fitting to have you ladies retell this Joni Mitchell classic to a whole new generation. I love this tapestry of words and painted on the canvass of our mind. Thank you for doing it with pear-down version to hear the beauty of simplicity.

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