Any Other Day – New Video

“Any Other Day” gets its own music video!

We filmed this video in beautiful Chester, a most picturesque city 30 minutes south of Liverpool. We are releasing it today, on February 21st, in honour of one of our earliest supporters, Steve from Miami, who passed away a few years ago. We have kept up the tradition of releasing a video for his birthday for many years now, and when it was time to pick a song, we chose what we think would have been his favourite track off our latest album “WHY?”.

That makes it the 7th song from that album to have its own video. And we’re not planning on stopping 🙂

If you enjoy it, please share it far and wide, sing it in your shower or whistle it on your way home from work. Thanks for watching ♥

As always, MLT Club members were able to see this video early, so if you, too, want to get Early Access to new releases and join our groovy community, we welcome you to check out the MLT Club!

Signed Studio Scribbles Available!

As we have done for all video releases from our new album so far, we have created limited-edition (100 copies) lyric art prints for “Any Other Day”. Each one is numbered by hand and signed by both of us! The sooner you order the lower the serial number. 🙂

They are great fun for us to put together and we love seeing them hung up on your walls. A big thank you for everyone who purchased one or all in the past, as it also greatly helps fund these music videos ♥

Please note: We have had major postal troubles here in the UK, and if you live abroad and have ordered anything with us since the start of the year it has likely not arrived with you yet.

There was a supposed cyber-attack on Royal Mail on January 10th which has caused the entire international branch to collapse. Only now are they slowly starting to reinstate alternative shipping methods and your parcels will finally be making their way through the system, but we couldn’t be more sorry about the delays.

Hopefully, things will improve from now on. We are also in the process of setting up a new (and more bulletproof) system for international orders, so instances like this won’t be as detrimental for our shop anymore. Thanks for bearing with us, for any questions please write us at

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Susan Portsmore
9 months ago

Relaxing me with this this morning before I go for dental surgery. Thankyou

Michael Schuhmacher
1 year ago

Ich nochmal!
Dieses Lied hier ist zu einem meiner liebsten MonaLisa-Lieder geworden. Ich hör und schau es mir fast täglich an und klampfe mit meiner Gitarre fleißg mit. Grad schön isses!!!!!
Wenn Ihr erlaubt, werd ich es in mein Strassenmusik-Repertoire aufnehmen, es jetzt im Frühling bei unseren “Sessions” zum Besten geben und Euch bei der Ansage in den Himmel loben.
o.k.? …………………. o.k.!

1 year ago

Beauti-FULL, like any other day. Needed this today. Love your talent and take on life. 🙂

Rocky Robins
1 year ago

The Teind sre so .Beautiful and .Talented your whole Family 👪
Love ROCKY ❤️ ❤️

Claude Lepage
1 year ago

This beautiful song is always in my head, thank you Mona & Lisa for this marvellous song that will last forever and ever. Merci

Gill Bacon
1 year ago

Absolutely love it…’s the story of my life! Thank you.

Jennifer H Norris
1 year ago

I’m a life long Beatle fan and you two keep hitting all the sweet spots for me. I’m sure if John was with us he would love you guys and maybe even play with you. PEACE-N-LOVE

Michael Schuhmacher
Reply to  Jennifer H Norris
1 year ago

That would be great, Jennifer! Really!!! And what about George? I’m sure, he also would love the girls.

1 year ago

Hey my birthday is Feb 21. I’ve followed you for a number of years. I enjoy the covers from the 60’s and a few of your originals. I found “Club 27” very interesting.

1 year ago

I love you guys and your initiative. I’m always happy to get your new releases.

1 year ago

Very nice song, quite McCartneyesque !

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