New Video – All About Falling In Love (Acoustic Version)

A new "MLT Club Duo Session" is now on YouTube!

This time we are playing our song "All About Falling In Love". We initially filmed it for the monthly "Duo Session" series over at the MLT Club.

It's a tune we have only rarely performed as just the two of us but one that actually lends itself really well to a stripped-back setup - just two guitars, two voices.

It's off our debut album "When We're Together" which came out in 2012.

It feels great to visit these songs from time to time. Rediscovering your own work in a way. The lyrics don’t change, the chords don’t change but with each passing year it feels like your own stories and life experience add depth and more colour to its original meaning.

Especially now that we’re working on new material it is interesting to reflect on our earlier work. How the story unfolds and where the next chapter will lead us. ♥

You can get the album here:

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Cliff Rogers

I’ve only known Monalisa twins 👯‍♀️ for 1week and your music is from when I was a teenager mostly,at this moment in time all I can say is it’s AWESOME 👏 Thankyou

Cliff Rogers

Girls you’re harmonies are so perfect 👌

Gordon Parmenter

Stripped-back, beautiful twins two guitars and two voices, Fabulous 🌹

Kenny Daniels

I hope that you are working on another album/cd. Can’t wait to hear some more music from you.

Kenny Daniels

Beautiful song! Love your harmonies!


Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

Daniel Giguere

Luv u 2 !!


You two have one of the absolute finest blends I've heard in my life. Excellent music, keep it up.

Terry Augar

OMG Girls you always make me cry !! Your harmonies and genius song writing blows me away !!!
Godbless you both, And praise The Lord for giving you such a talent xx


Hello M L T, as always You two have a beautiful harmony and I really like listening to Your music.
You have a really bright future in a not so certain field, Keep it up.💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤
💖 Bill Green a fan for life 👩‍🦳👩‍🦰 🎸🥁


What a treat to hear the updated version of your classic song. It is a glimpse of how much you have gown over the last few years and how amazingly talented you are. These duo sessions are such a rreat and I am very happy to see you releasing many to you tube so the world can also get to know and appreciate you. You are so special and make such a very strong impression in peoples lives. Thank you!

Bill Isenberg

Wow another gem! What a beautiful song and the blend of your voices is a blessing to listen too! Just when you thought this song could not get any better! Thank you both so much for your god given talents!! God bless you both and please keep the love and spirit coming in 2020!


Very Good! I love you so much!

Ken Bradshaw

I absolutely Love MonaLisa Twins.
Superb Vocals that are unique in their sound. The quality are their playing is extraordinary. I am playing their music everyday for hours on end. Keep doing what you’re doing Ladies. You are Brilliant!💖

Richard McGlenn

As good as it gets musically and vocally. Thanks for all the great music ladies and keep em coming.


A lovely song and a brilliant harmony, thanks


What a lovely song and a brilliant harmony. Well done!!!

Frank De Giacomo

Thanks Mona and Lisa for this gem!
The harmonies are brilliant as always and this melody for me creates the same sonic mood as Paul’s “And I Love Her”. Beautifully done!

Tom Beardmore

Bitte, meine Freundinnenn, würden Sie das auf Deutsch singen? Ich bin einer Amerikaner, aber ich liebe die deutsche Sprache.



Love it. Let’s get some air play on 93.1 in Chicago.

Jacki Hopper

As I say... Sometimes simplicity is best.... This is proof.... Beautifully done and just adds even more depth to it... Kudos and just in time to seguay into February towards 💗's Day❣️

Daniel Giguere

Beautifully done ! Luv it !

Larry Brydon

That is a great song. Beautifully done and with great harmony. Keep up the great work.

Tom Killeen

Exceptional song!
Fantastically beautiful chord changes and melody!
Two voices from Heaven!
Please come to LA!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Ericson

lis it possible to just buy the download of "When We're Together" instead of the cd? Thanks


Hi Roger, here is the link to the "When We're Together" download:

Juergen Sauer

love this song. Of Course I have your CD "When we are together" , but to see you perform life is another. Hope to see you once in Hamburg or Liverpool......


Thank you , for the beautiful sounds.


Once again, you have created a beautiful song. Mona & Lisa, keep them coming for our enjoyment. Doug in Virginia

Robert Kleijn

Brilliant harmonies.


Such a sweet ballad! Love this stripped down acoustic version with the gentle guitar sounds and beautiful harmonies that really captivate. Thank you for doing this, and giving us all another joyful musical moment!

Bob Galella

Great! Keep this up and you will end up with 100.000 You Tube subscribers. 😀😀😀 Wait a minute you did that already


Hallo, Ihr Beiden!
Ein wirklich schönes Lied, das ich, obwohl es ja schon etwas älter ist, noch nicht kannte, was ich zu meiner Schande gestehen muss. Natürlich werd ich jetzt gleich eine Gitarre schnappen und mitspielen.
Allerdings hab ich da noch eine Frage angesichts Lisa's neuer (bzw. alter) Haarfarbe: muss ich jetzt alle meine MLT-T-Shirts umlackieren? Von den anderen Sachen mal ganz zu schweigen.....
Nein! Quatsch! War nur Spass! Sieht gut aus, Lisa!
Ich grüße Euch alle

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