100 000 YouTube Subscribers – Big Giveaway!

We celebrate at least 100 000 MonaLisa Twins fans all over the world!

And all of us together can be proud of this pretty damn cool milestone.

"Thank You" from the bottom of our ♥♥

To celebrate and to give back to you we're doing a big Giveaway!

YouTube Subscriber Giveaway

We will give 100 of our YouTube subscribers free access to the MLT Club for 1 month. There will be no subscription and no automatic payments attached ... just loads of extra music, videos, community forums and behind-the-scenes content 🙂 You can read about the MLT Club in more detail here or just jump right into it and see for yourself.

All you have to do is:

1. Be subscribed to our YouTube channel

2.  Fill out the form below

The entry form is now deactivated and the giveaway is closed! Check your inbox to see if you have won.

Thanks for taking part! 🙂

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the email address [email protected] is white-listed with your email client, and/or check your spam folder just to make sure you don't miss out.

Online Shop Sale -20% (Coupon Code: MLT100K)

We are also doing a 20% Sale on our entire web store for the remainder of the month (until January 31). Simply use the coupon code "MLT100K" at checkout to get 20 % off all items and downloads.

We can't express how happy we are to have reached this milestone! Having our entire musical journey of the last 12 years documented on the MLT YouTube channel is something we truly treasure. It's fun to have for ourselves but also for the new people joining us every day. You're able to go back in time and watch us and our music grow, and you'll be on board and always up-to-date on our musical journey ahead 🙂

Thank you for helping us grow this channel and make it possible for us to work on new music, new videos, bigger projects, more original music, more cover songs and enjoy more creative freedom.

You guys rock.

Big time!

Oh, and if you haven't yet subscribed 😉 ... https://www.youtube.com/MonaLisaTwins

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Sue Blanchard

I hope you have a sales blitz sometime soon. Canadians may want to purchase your CDs and T-shirts. Thanks.

Jacki Hopper

Hi Sue, I'm Canadian, are you, whereabouts are you from, glad to see another MLT Fan Canucker on here 🙂

Gibby Porter

The Mona Lisa Twins are the most talented musicians I have ever seen in all my 79 years. I found your videos on YouTube. Can you advise where the band might be appearing in 2020? It would be fab if you came here to Scotland. I'm sure there must be suitable venues and lots of Scots who appreciate real class!


Your voices sound like angels!


I have watch you ladies grow up,don't stop what ur doing,great music ,sweet ladies

David Jones

Hi Girls,
I have been with MLT Club since December and am loving it. All the music and the videos are great! !!!! I can't say enough.

I notice your hair appt and it looks great on both of you. I love the red on Lisa and the blonde on Mona.
You girls rock it out !!! Have you ever done any runaway 's music ? Michael Steel was the bass player and ended up with the Beatles and then there was Joan Jeff with the balackhearts. It would be cool to see you do one of their songs in a video.
Love you girls and stay Groovy and. Rock on

David Jones

The Bangles not the beatles. Sometimes this tablet corrects it the wrong wazy. Sorry about that.

David Jones

Joan Jeff not jeff. Going to have to log in with my cell phone instead

Aji Ambiyapasa

Life is simple, i see beatles song cover on youtube and then i watch and subscribe


Congratulations Guys!! I subscribed to your channel about 5 months ago. I've been a big Beatles fan for over 50 plus years.
I happened to come across your video of you guys performing "Drive My Car" and was VERY impressed! Since that time I have watch pretty much all of your Videos, and have purchased 2 of your CD's.
I hope you both keep doing what you're doing for MANY more years to come. Congratulations once again, and here's to the next 100,000 subscribers!!!
PS,, My favorite song of yours (so far) is Wide Wide Land. Fantastic Song Beautiful Lyrics. Thanks to you both.
Take Care

Bryan Smith

Thank you for being part of my life and Sharing Your life with us KEEP THE MUSIC COMING ;-))


Congratulations!!! I don't remember how many years ago I subscribed. But it was back when Lisa still looked young, so it must have been about 30 or 40 years ago....(lol). But really, I don't know, maybe it's been about 5 years since I subscribed. Anyway, it's been a wonderful ride. Thank you for all the music and fun, Mona and Lisa!!!


I subscribed in March of 2017 when I discovered your San Francisco cover. You breathed new life into that song like never before. It was so beautiful, and I remember just forgetting everything that was on my mind, all the sadness, worries etc just melted away, replaced with happiness and joy when I heard your beautiful voices and harmonies. You still affect me that way with every new song!

Wow, 100K subscribers, a huge well deserved congratulations, and I know 1 Million and beyond subs is not far off! Awesome idea with the 1 month free subscription giveaway to the MLT Club for the lucky 100 winners! Will be awesome to see them around the club! I have to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Team MLT for this joyful music journey we've all been able to share in. May you touch many, many millions of souls across the world with the same joy you've touched my life with through your music and art!

Frank De Giacomo

Congratulations Mona and Lisa!
I discovered your Please Please Me cover and have been in love with you both and your music for about three years. Really I’m sure you have millions of fans given all the views of your awesome videos. We MLT Club members are super grateful for your wonderful benefits! Please remember us when you have millions of subscribers ...

Ivor Lander

I have so enjoyed your music. It's so refreshing to listen to people who really care about the music they are making. You guys have restored my faith in the music industry.


Do you ever plan to cover The Mama's @The Papas songs? thanks Ralph Cox


Your cover versions of Beatles songs are excellent Ralph Cox

James Morton

Both of you are perfect been listening for years covers and originals are great me and the family wish you good luck

Howard Bedwell

Thank you for sharing this video ladies. It has just become my new favourite. Just love those colourful clothes you wear and the way the sunlight plays upon your hair. Shiny as ever Lisa and Mona, are you trans morphing from blonde/yellow to a silvery/grey? Nice idea with the Club giveaway. I hope it brings you many more permanent members, but not so many that we don’t get to enjoy the current close relationship you share with all members. May the next 100k be achieved by the end of 2020. Now wouldn’t that be just fab! 💛❤️

Douglas Wintin

Love you guys! I play your videos for my twin granddaughters and they love them (especially your xmas song)! Keep rocking ladies!

Larry Mcguire

Great Music voices are fantastic

Larry Mcguire

Great muic and of course great videos

Gavin Wright

Truly awesome music - thank you 💛🖤

Robert Hunter

Congratulations girls! It is a huge milestone to have so many faithful followers. I love your honest and genuine take on music. Your rendition of God Only Knows (one of my faves) never fails to bring me to tears.
Thanks for being you and bringing sincerity to music again.
Love ya

Jacki Hopper

This is just the top notch of icing of the ongoing MLT layered Groovy Cake.... Each addition further enhances the music flavour and integrity thereof.... Kudos and Fab and I highly reccomend Foljs to take part in this fab Give-Away as a bonus and further commitment to invest your ears, donations, support towards Team MLT on their Music Horizon Quest Journey... It all matters, helps, inspires, etc. What a stellar achievement Milestone 👌👍👏💯, 000 and continual growth💛🇬🇧❤️☮️🎼🎵🎶📻🎧... Congrats

Jerry Chamness

That is so nice of you! You are, not only the most talented young ladies I know, you are also the nicest. Your generosity just endears me more and more to you sweet, talented, brilliant, creative, nice, caring, down to earth, beautiful, young, Ladies! You are truly rarities in today's crazy world and you sincerely help me to stay sane. Peace, Love, and Groovy Young Women!
Congratulations on your accomplishments! And, thank you for your awesome music!!!

liam sullivan

wonderful voices and harmonies and fellow beatles fans!


you guys are great

Dörte Drangmeister

Congratulation, ladys! Ich bin Fan nahezu der ersten Stunde und verfolge mit Begeisterung euren Weg. Hut ab!

Michael Walker

6-jähriger Fan der MonaLisa Twins.

100.000 YouTube-Abonnenten ... WOW.

David Burland

Great music, rock on.

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