You Really Got Me – New Video


Today we crank up the volume to 11 and upload a cover from our Cavern Club days!


You Really Got Me by the Kinks, who also played at the Cavern Club back in 1964, only months before they had their big breakthrough with this song.


It’s such a beautifully rough, messy early British Rock ‘n’ Roll staple. The kind of song that is the most fun to play in crowded, intimate, small places like the Cavern Club. We think it shows 😉 …


Click the image above to watch the video!

First sneak-peek of new original music

In other news, our new original album is coming along nicely.


So nicely, that we have just released the first song off it over at the MLT Club as a sneak peek to the album!


It’s available in full there and we will continue to pre-release original content in the MLT Club while the album production is in progress.


We have been going back and forth on song selection and the overall direction of the album quite a lot this past year but finally feel that everything is lining up and we are working in overdrive!


Some tunes we wrote prior to 2020 didn’t feel like they belonged there anymore, new ideas were born and some topics and emotions became so much more important and dearer to us.


If you want to stay closer connected to the creation and creative progress of original album #3 (it’s about time we pick a name) then we warmly invite you to become an MLT Club member and join the community there!

Member or not – you’ll see us again with a new YouTube release very soon!


Our 27th birthday is coming up on June 16 and we like to treat ourselves with a new channel upload 😉

Until then, take care, take risks and most of all …


Stay groovy!

Mona & Lisa

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Walt Music
7 months ago

That is a Happy Day for me to Bob . 2 of the best musicians, song writers and just down to earth people who are trying
to make a Huge difference in the world. I don’t care if they
do covers, I did covers for a long, long time and Rock n Roll
is here to stay!!!!!!!! The Beatles did cover after cover.We’re gonna have a Party Party. Happy
27th. Please join Mona and Lisa on a Magical Mystery Tour
because we will not give up and they will keep putting out great songs and Music. If you haven’t joined, please please do so now.

Robert (Bob) Moslow
7 months ago

Let’s all make whatever donations 💰 we can to MonaLisaTwins to help keep them going so they can continue to bring us happiness with their music. It’s their birthday on June 16. Isn’t that a Special Day for us all ?!

Walt Music
7 months ago

I was trying to learn this song in 1965 here in Denver with an old Stella, my first guitar. I really liked the song. Keep it up
girls you really got me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 months ago

Fun version of a great old song.

Nikos Smyrnios
7 months ago

Just wonderful, especially the guitarjam part! You blew new life to the song and as always you made it more sexy! Congrats!!!

Toussaint Jacques
Toussaint Jacques
7 months ago

Please be indulgent with me I don’t speak English, so I use tricks such as google translate.

Toussaint Jacques
Toussaint Jacques
7 months ago

Well done girls for the energy you put into this song. Continue to share your wonderful interpretations with us. Jacques

Jesse Overton
Jesse Overton
7 months ago

Awesome rocker, ladies! You’ve done a great job with such a fun song. Your energy was strong, which is fitting! You all do such a fantastic job as a band! Always a delight to listen to whatever you cover.

Danilo Gallardo
Danilo Gallardo
7 months ago

My teen years!

7 months ago

I’ve seen the Kinks and Van Halen play this song as well. All good. 😀

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