“You Can’t Do That” – New Video

There are many things we currently can't do that we're missing ....

One of them is play - or visit - live shows. But at least we can revisit video footage 🙂

We have just uploaded a new video - a live version of "You Can't Do That", a Beatles song from '64. This performance was filmed during our last residency show at the Cavern Club in Liverpool a few years ago. Our 100th show at the cellar of all cellars. A memory that, given the current circumstances, feels even more precious to us now.

We’ve been uploading more video clips of that same live performance to the MLT Club over the last months. Making our way through the setlist of that night we have, for example, just released our version of Donovan's "Sunshine Superman" on Friday. For more information click here (You can currently use coupon code "Month50" for 50% off your first month or code "Year10" for 10% off a yearly membership.)

Despite the many things we can't do at the moment, we think it's more important than ever to stay curious, inquisitive and most of all (you guessed it) groovy. 🙂

Mona & Lisa

  1. Darrell Cramer 3 months ago

    Great job! A very difficult song to sing and you two did it marvelously. Well done on taking the lead Mona. I have played rhythm for most of my life and sometimes it’s considered less glamorous than the lead but Mona you are an excellent rhythm player. Question: How long did it take you to play the C9, D9, and F9 in the song, ‘Till There was You?’ I wore a callus on the inside of my left thumb which means I’m probably not playing it correctly. You make it look so easy.

  2. Daniel Russo 3 months ago

    Wonderful You Can’t Do That cover. I felt in my heart The Beatles spirit. Beautiful Mona, wherever he is John Lennon must be very happy and proud of you!

  3. Darrell Cramer 3 months ago

    Mona you did such a great job on this song. Your expression through out the song was magical. You looked like you were singing to several thousand people and loving every second.

  4. Scott Bayne 3 months ago

    This was one of the first Beatles songs I ever heard! So don’t you guys ever get all sweaty? ;-))

  5. Philip Clover 3 months ago

    That’s real class. Dare I say better than the original…. Everything about it – the recording, the vocals, the video, the performance… dynamic and polished.

  6. Glyn Owen 3 months ago

    Love the harmonies that you two girls do so well..
    Loving the Orange Album.

  7. Robert 4 months ago

    So good to hear my favourite songs played so joyfully I just love your interpretation much better than the original

  8. Donnie 4 months ago

    A wonderful rendition of the song, I love it. Power,on!

  9. Johnnypee Parker 4 months ago

    Mona’s vocals are incredible here. That Rickenbacher sounds awesome! You all have really made this song you’re own. I love the GoPro on Lisa’s guitar. That looks kool. Oh, and shout out to the band. You seem to have a nack for selecting very talented bassists and drummers.

  10. Jacki Hopper 4 months ago

    This just speaks and amplifies true definition of classic Rock n Roll Live at its stellar finest ….Yes, Mona can roar them vocal pipejust as effectively leadwise as does Lisa . Lisa rips into the guitar playing just superbly, while Bass and Drums, equally doing their thing…..altogether makes for a kickass topnotch sing along, toetapping, groovy dancing, feel good , enjoy the vibe kinda tune, one cannot help but be moved by this rendition…it garners much power and intensity….#MLTBuzzWorthyGroovy

  11. Norman 4 months ago

    Lead vocal actually has a John Lennon vibe to it. Way to go!

  12. Viko 4 months ago

    The first thing I saw was your rendition of Baby, you can drive my car. It was superb! Even better than Paul and John did. This one is also good but the beatle original is better. And bass guitar player is different. The former one had LOVE shining in his eyes towards the singing blond! That was obvious! I envied him when I watched it. Now it’s a bit different, though it is also fine but the magic is gone,,,

  13. Mona you are the queen of live performing! Love the yell and the rocking lead guitar! and Lisa with the perfect harmonies and guitar work! Oh to be able to see you guys live on the sweaty stage!

  14. Bill Isenberg 4 months ago

    What I love about your covers? You make them your own!! This version is so good and I love listening time and time again, it was done so perfect with cords and vocals! It is perfect and thank you so much for sharing this version of a Beatles Classic!! Keep it coming

  15. frank Galbraith 4 months ago

    Keep up the great work. You add brightness and light to each day. God bless you both and give you protection and a lot of wisdom.

  16. Tom P 4 months ago

    The Fab Two!

  17. Kenneth 4 months ago

    girls that was beautiful I really like it

  18. Kenny Daniels 4 months ago

    Great performance! I loved it!

  19. Jack hughart 4 months ago

    Very good. Im impressed.

  20. Dale Madaczky 4 months ago

    Nice to see Mona in the lead on this tune. She needs to step out more in the future!

  21. John 4 months ago

    Love the Gretsch Lisa has. Well done, ladies!

  22. Jaime 4 months ago

    Espectacular. Hermoso recuerdo para evocar. Estuve en ese lugar el 2013 y 2016…y pienso volver.
    Linda canción de los 4 fabulosos.
    Les sigo

  23. barry veden 4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing ladies. You sound great as always!

  24. Al 4 months ago

    Wonderful performance and venue. Love it

  25. rick ahern 4 months ago

    absolutely groovy hip and harmonious

  26. Carlos Daher 4 months ago

    Simplesmente espetacular!!!

  27. Jose Luis 4 months ago

    excelente version de la cancion de Los Beattles. Mucho ánimo y seguid haciendo muy buenas versiones

  28. John Hayes 4 months ago

    Just fantastic, I have 4 albums at the moment and they are great.

  29. Anna Frawley 4 months ago

    Brilliant version. Good to see and hear you again.

  30. David Wood 4 months ago

    A great way to start my Monday. Thank you. I’m set up for the week now!

  31. Michael Schuhmacher 4 months ago

    Hallo,Ihr Beiden!
    Ich kann mich dem Kommentar von Steve Dunning nur anschließen!! Wir kennen uns ja schon eine Weile und Ihr wißt, daß ich alles mag, was Ihr macht, aber “live on stage” gefallt Ihr mir am besten! Abgesehen von der tollen Musik kommt Ihr auch sehr sympatisch rüber. Ich weiß ja aus eigener Erfahrung, wie wichtig das ist. Und bei Euch klappt’s!!!!! Und: endlich auch mal ein Solo von Mona!!!!!
    MICHAEL aus München

  32. Steve Sharp 4 months ago

    Perfect rendition of a song that was a little underrated at the time,didn’t get a lot of air-play and was one of the first songs I learned to play as a young lad. Great memories, fab cover, faithfully done and brilliantly sung(as always)…

  33. David 4 months ago


  34. Penn Jill 4 months ago

    Can you sing the Beatles ‘one after 909’ please

  35. Frank De Giacomo 4 months ago

    Love the Cavern live shows!
    Fantastic version – I just found a version of “You Can’t Do That” on YouTube that was apparently cut from A Hard Day’s Night movie – and this version from Mona and Lisa and superb band mates rocks harder and better!
    Awesome vocals and guitar work, Mona and Lisa!
    May I please suggest that when the entire Cavern video set is done that you somehow make it possible for MLT Club to be able to watch the concert the whole way through without interruptions?
    I can only imagine how the energy would build and build one awesome song after another…
    Thanks for a nice bonus video for the weekend!

  36. Steve Dunning 4 months ago

    Love watching you “live” on stage! Great performance and a great clip too which for me is reflective of the beat music clips of the 60s. Great authentic guitar work and vocals.

  37. John Philp 4 months ago

    The twins are awesome and I really enjoy the music that they pla8 & sing

  38. William Charles rose 4 months ago

    You sure can do that girls.

  39. Joe Blanda 4 months ago

    That’s really nice! I hear a lot of Beatles in your own songs on Orange. Keep rockin’!

  40. Oscar S. Papaluca 4 months ago


  41. Jerry Chamness 4 months ago

    Great cover! Mona, you were rockinly awesome! Vocals and shredding your Ricky! Lisa’s groovyness was the perfect compliment. Along with the guys y’all had me rockin my recliner! I love that cover! And, y’all. 💛❤ 🎸🎸🎶🎶🌻🌹

  42. Jung Roe 4 months ago

    Awesome lead vocals there Mona, you do these rock songs stellar justice, and brilliant guitar work Lisa! Just magnificent, easily fills the big shoes of the Beatles when they performed at the Cavern over half a century ago!

  43. Jeffrey Teuber 4 months ago

    Hey Twins, perfect job on one of am all-time fave Beatles rockers! Thanks.
    Jeffrey (lowheat) – fellow identical twin

  44. Marcel Lazare 4 months ago

    Another great cover, you guys rock. One thing for the video, a smidge out of sync with the sound. Still enjoyed very much. 67 yr old in the US 😎

  45. Doug Hall 4 months ago

    Mona, John Lennon would be very proud of your guitar solo.

  46. Alan 4 months ago

    I remember that show,it was so good to see you live,hope that some time soon you will be doing live shows again

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