Working on our New Album …

Dad and us working away on one of our new songs in the paradise that was Lanzarote.

We’re sorry for having been a bit more quiet lately but we have a pretty good excuse! We’ve spent two weeks in Lanzarote/Canary Islands in January. And we weren’t just lying around in the sun while it was snowing back home (although we did do a bit of that too 😉 ) – we finished writing most of our new album! A house in the middle of nowhere, no computers, gorgeous weather, stunning scenery, healthy food, a bit of exercise and no distractions put us into creative overdrive.

We came back home to Liverpool with the perfect amount of songs for the upcoming album and since then went straight on to working on the lyrics, arranging instruments and voices and recording the songs we’ve been brewing up. This will still take us quite a bit but while we are locking ourselves in the studio we will try to keep you in the loop as much as we can and throw in a YouTube video for you every now and then. And don’t worry, we’ll leave the house for the occasional gig – see our live schedule here.

Hope you’re all well!
Mona & Lisa

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