“Wonderful Christmastime” – Christmas Video!

Only a few more days left until Christmas!

We hope you’re all feeling very festive already and have your presents sorted, roast dinners planned, gifts wrapped (… if you’re anything like us go for SQUARE presents) and plans made for the big day. In short: we hope you are having a Wonderful Christmastime.

We surprised ourselves this year and finished all the shopping last weekend already, ha! This gives us time to soak in the “Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” without breaking out in a cold sweat every time we realize we still have to get presents. Good times!

And of course we prepared a little video for you all, our anual present to you 🙂 ENJOY!

Please let us know how you liked it and feel free to share it with your loved ones! In case you missed last year’s video “Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” you can go watch it here for a double dose of holiday cheer!

You’ll hear from us again at the end of the year! Meanwhile we hope you are spending the holidays with your family and friends and are enjoying the wonderful Christmas season. Even if you aren’t celebrating Christmas we hope you are having a great week ahead.

Lots and lots of groovy, christmassy love,
Mona & Lisa

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