Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd Cover

We've been into Pink Floyd since our teenage years. We even went to see Roger Water's "The Wall" tour back in 2013 and left the stadium mesmerised and floating on a natural high.

Yet we have never covered one of their songs.

We sure learned the solo parts for "Another Brick In The Wall" and worked hard on the smooth bends and fluent runs, but most of their songs didn't lend themselves too well to be covered by 2 guitarists or a 4 piece rock 'n' roll band.

But then there's "Wish You Were Here".

A song with a purported backstory so sad that it's hard not to get emotional when reading up on it. A tragic masterpiece, partially inspired by their lost band member Syd Barrett (or at least open to interpretation).

We thought it would be a great choice for a Duo Session ...

We hope you like this one! ♥

Stay groovy!

In light of the current situation ...

We hope everyone's been staying happy, safe and healthy!

We know many, many people are stuck at home now, browsing the web, following the situation and development of all this craziness.

We hope you are getting on as best as you can and that you’re looking after yourself ♥

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That's all from us today! We hope you and your loved ones are getting on as best as you can and that you’re looking after yourself ♥

Much love and keep your groovy,

Mona & Lisa

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brady waffle
brady waffle
6 months ago

by far your best piece of work. sounds better than the original

Christopher Rothwell
Christopher Rothwell
1 year ago

Looking forward to your new CD .

Christopher Rothwell
Christopher Rothwell
1 year ago

Priceless music Ladies Thanks ,

Joel Williams
Joel Williams
1 year ago

The best harmonies in years. The blend of the girls voices is memorizing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Brian Halabourda
Brian Halabourda
1 year ago

What a fantastic cover! You girls are amazing. Wish you were here too!

1 year ago

I Absolutely love what you guys do musically. The Harmonies are spot on and quite unique. You set me beside myself with the cover of “Wish You Were Here. Keep doing what you. My ears and my soul loves it!!!!!

William Flower
1 year ago

I’m blown away by the sheer precision you two bring to any recording, be it original or cover. Having followed so many performing songwriters in the last 25 years, I’m keenly aware of the countless hours required to iron out mistakes. And hear it shows… beautifully!

john Clayton
john Clayton
1 year ago

I very recently discovered you on YouTube during my COVID-19 isolation. I am completely blown away by your talent and uplifting covers and fantastic original songs. I’ve watched most of your videos, some many times. You are fantastic and and you have brought me joy during my isolation with your music and videos. I have also been spending some time uploading some cover songs to YouTube during this time, including several Beatles covers. I also have some videos of some original songs on YouTube. If you’re at all interested, you can find my YouTube channel by typing in “John Clayton Dear Prudence” into the search bar on YouTube to find my cover of that song, and then you can see my other uploaded videos. I’m afraid you’ve got yourself another devoted life long fan! Stay safe and keep making your beautiful music. My name is John and I live in New Jersey, USA, just outside of New York City.

Peter Kunzfeld
Peter Kunzfeld
1 year ago

quote from an seventies austrian hit: leiwaund!

David Costa
1 year ago

Lovely, as usual! I’m stuck at home, and you are bringing me a ray of light to live by… 🙂

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