“WHY?” Vinyl – Pre-Order NOW

Pre-Sale has started! Release Day: March 19th

After months of waiting for our “WHY?” vinyl to come back from the pressing plant, we have finally been given a delivery date, and pre-orders can start!

The official release date will be March 19th, and we will aim to dispatch all pre-orders before or on the day.

If you are an MLT Club member, we will also sign the cover of your vinyl record so perhaps this is a good opportunity to try out the MLT Club! πŸ™‚

We also did a repress of the ORANGE vinyl, this time on classic black vinyl and without the foldable cover, 3D spot-gloss finish or printed inner sleeve. The new ORANGE vinyl is much simpler but therefore also a lot cheaper, so you can now choose between the more affordable option or still pick up one of the remaining limited-edition coloured vinyl with all its bells and whistles (UPDATE: Limited-Edition is sold out now).

Bundles (-10%)

Have a look around the online store for any additional music or merch you might want to pick up with your order! πŸ™‚

We LOVE vinyl, and the vinyl-boom over the last few years excites us a lot. It’s great to see it come back, even though that means ridiculously long production lead times because all the remaining pressing plants in Europe are so overworked! Well, not long now …

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Otis B Smith Jr
1 year ago

Great vid!! Nice and informative.

Tom Lee
1 year ago

This is the fifth Mona Lisa Twins album I have downloaded and to my ears it is the best….so far. So many good songs here. My favourite songs? Perhaps: I bought myself a politician, Questionable, Any other day and Pretty little thing. But there’s not a dud song amongst them at all. Thank you for this lovely album

Richard Grant Wayman.
Richard Grant Wayman.
1 year ago

Waiting for next album, :-
β˜†If it was :Ay! // sorry. Poor pensioner. Caring for ill family. Ay .
Luvyawerk, Blessed Be Twenty Twenty Three, Respect Remain Awesome. Oh yeh. Luvyatwerk too… lol

Jung Roe
1 year ago


Jung Roe
1 year ago

I’m so excited “WHY?” is available on vinyl. CD and MP3 are great, but vinyl adds a deserving tactile and ceremonial feel to the WHY? experience. It’s like driving your favourite dream sports car in a convertible version. Put my pre-order in at the MLT Club to get a very special signed vinyl copy, can’t wait until March 19th. Just Giddy with joy and excitement. 🎢🎢😁

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Mona & Lisa