“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Reaches 1 Million Views!

Our first 1 Million views on a single video!!!

You did it! “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” was meant to be our first video that reaches this crazy milestone and we couldn’t be happier. 1 Million! Recording this cover was a totally spontaneous idea we had after planning a trip to Germany. We were going to visit the Musikmesse in Frankfurt which is a huge music fair.
The ideas was to look at and test certain guitars for our future MLT sound there! We thought it seemed like a fitting, humorous idea to film the video during our trip. If someone had told us back then that this on-a-whim idea would be watched a million times, 6 years and 1 day later, we’d have laughed. Yet here we are and we’re laughing! In the best way possible 🙂

Thank you, George Harrison, for this incredible song with words that couldn’t describe the world we live in in a more poetic way.
While our guitars gently weep,
Mona and Lisa


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Marc Jacobs
2 years ago

Dear Mona-Twins (a comment from Belgium) : This is indeed a wonderful interpretation/cover adaptation; I find that this version far exceeds the original. I am not the only one who experiences your musical activities in this way (just see on your site and blogs, you are very fine, talented musicians. Still good luck, and above all enjoy it happily.

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