Our Two Cents on Valentine’s Day 2017 …

MonaLisa Twins lying on a grass field with pink rose flower petals falling down on them in the shape of a heart

Hello you lovebirds and lonely wolves,

It’s Valentine’s Day 2017 – that time of the year again when society (or rather industry) reminds us of the celebration of love and romance and, more importantly, of buying flowers, cards, chocolates and expensive gifts for our significant others.

While there’s nothing wrong with that we want everyone to remember that love can be in the smallest of things. It doesn’t have to be about big, pompous gestures to romantic partners. Hugging your dog, helping a stranger, writing a friend or doing yourself something good are just as valuable ways to show your affection and love for people and things around you.

We love sharing this song with you each Valentine’s Day. It’s ‘All About Falling In Love‘ with someone but also with wanting more from life. Something we should never stop pursuing.

Today and every day we want to send a whole lot of love to all of YOU!

Love, love, love (love is all you need),
Mona and Lisa


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