Tonight You Belong To Me – New Video

We just uploaded a new video!

Tonight You Belong To Me is an almost one hundred year old song (written in 1926) that has been in the charts several times since its creation. It’s been played by different artists and used in many movies and commercials.


It’s easy to see why! It’s such a simple yet unique little tune that sticks in your head forever. We’ve been playing it for many, many years and recorded this video for our MLT Club quite a while ago. 


Today we uploaded it to our YouTube channel, so everyone else can watch it, too!


If you want to hear some new Duo Sessions that have not been released on any album yet, we welcome you to join the MLT Club where we post new Duo Sessions and other exclusive content regularly as a “Thank You” for supporting us on our journey!

If you like this cover you can find it on our album The Duo Sessions where you will also hear another 14 songs played by just the two of us.

A mixture of 60s and 70s covers as well as some stripped-down versions of our original tunes.

We’re still hard at work on the new album and are planning to release another single in February!


2022 has started off well for us, and we’re planning to keep that momentum going until that new record is out 🙂


You’ll hear from us again soon,
Mona & Lisa

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3 months ago

Beautiful song beautifully sang! Thank you for sharing your talents. You always bring a smile to my face!

norman mcintosh
3 months ago

Just what the doctor ordered to relax

3 months ago

Absolutely love this! Your harmonies are just beautiful!

Dieter Mohr
3 months ago

Perfekt! Ich glaube nicht, dass man diesen schönen (alten) Song noch besser darbieten kann. Das ist einfach höchste Kunst. Mehr geht nicht.

Otis B Smith Jr
3 months ago

Great tune ladies!! Love your rendition!!

Beverly Colucci
Beverly Colucci
3 months ago

Thank you for excepting me. I have loved you both from the minute I heard your lovely voices. After I lost my husband in 2019, I was going through a very difficult time. One very tough day I was scrolling music on YouTube and came across “MonaLisaTwins”. Well I laid down for 3 hours and listened with my headphones to the most beautiful music I have heard in years!! Truly I tell you, I felt a peace come over me that changed my life. Thank you for your beautiful, uplifting music. You both are so very special!! Thank you for making my ears and heart smile. Sending love and blessings. ❤🙏🏼🕉🎼🎵🎶❤

Kevin Bedard
Kevin Bedard
3 months ago

What a great ol’ gem of a song! Harmonizing heaven for us, your dear listeners!

Jung Roe
3 months ago

Absolutely delightful would be an understatement here. You’ve infused so much joy and beauty into this song with your musical magic touch. Those wonderful harmonies, sweet sounds of the Ukelele, it’s a beautiful radiating musical gem that you don’t want to stop. It keeps going in your head even after it’s over. Loved it since the first listen. 🎵💕

3 months ago

oh my, have not heard that in awhile. you did it very well.

3 months ago

You never disappoint us. It’s always refreshing to hear what you do.

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