Till There Was You – New Video!

​Today we are sharing with you a cover of one of our favourite non-Beatles Beatles songs! "Till There Was You" - From the musical “The Music Man”, covered by the Beatles back in ‘63.

We can’t think of many songs with a melody sweeter than this one.

It's dedicated to our friend and long-time supporter "Steve from Miami", who we lost this Winter. It was one of his favourite songs, and today would be his Birthday ♥

We often reminisce about the time when we "caught the Beatle bug" in our early teens and would experience our very own Beatlemania together with our best friend from high school.

When the three of us first saw the video of the Beatles doing this song for the Royal Variety Performance we just about lost our minds and immediately fell in love with it - Paul surely knew what he was doing with all that cute head bobbing!

For several weeks to follow we would sing this song to ... no, AT anyone who would listen. During gym class, in the locker rooms (great acoustics!), at the bus stop and even in the tram on the way back from school. We couldn't get the pretty melody (that includes George's stunning solo) out of our heads.

Our guitar teacher at the time even transcribed the guitar parts for us although they were a little too advanced for us at the time. We still tried!

Ten years later, and after learning that it was one of Steve's favourite songs too, we want to try it again.

We hope you'll enjoy the song and video. Let us know if you have any memories connected to the song yourself!

Much love to you all,
Mona & Lisa

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Love your harmonies on this classic song! Such talent with drums, rhythm and lead guitars, and tight vocals. You really nailed the George solo, Lisa. Your adoration of this music shines through! Well done, looking forward to more.

Pierre Boisvert

Wow , you play beautifully those beatles songs. If one day you come to play in montreal, canada i would like to see it !! Thank you !!


Congratulations, beautiful voices, pretty women


We are a couple 69/66 who loves your songs very much! Especially the Beatles-songs, we like.
You two are super-talented. Keep on playing and singing!

John Loweth

It was one of my favourite songs sung by Peggy Lee. I think it was her version that inspired Paul to record it


Last week I suddenly lost a dear friend who I had grown up with, played music with and through the years shared over long distance our love of music. But as hard as it was to lose my old buddy, a few weeks before he left this world he unknowingly gave me a gift to use to get me through the hard times as well as to use to celebrate the good times. That gift was to tell me about a duo that he had found on YouTube that played the music from our rock band days. That gift was the music of the MonaLisa Twins. We talked about your 'Till There Was You' release during our last conversation. It was a favorite that we use to play in the band. Your music is very healing and uplifting. Please keep making great music.

Dori Belden

Thank you for singing and playing such lovely melodies from the past and present. You are beautiful and such talented musicians. Your voices blend together in perfect harmony.

Dori Belden

You are such talented and beautiful musicians! Thank you for continuing to sing the lovely melodies of the past and present.

Dori Belden

Love you two to the moon and back💘🌜💘


I love your interpretations of Beatles music. Very special.

Manuel Vilar

Today something is wrong at the wepsight. I can't reach it.


Sorry to hear about Steve. What a beautiful way you found to commemorate his love of the Beatles and his friendship and support for you


Great job once again! I love the early Beatles songs and you both play and sing them so well!
What Joy it must be for you. They are a joy to hear!

giusti roberto maria

Oh Yeah! Great!


Good afternoon, ladies ! I understood the main thing! Your divine voices performing Beatles songs make these melodies even more beautiful and attractive! It's just mesmerizing and makes me your loyal fan for all time!

John F Gaffney

Beautiful song and beautiful rendition!!!


This too is one of my favorite songs that the Beatles did. In 1970 I found that my mom had the album to the Broadway Play The Music Man with Robert Preston and Barbara Cook singing Till There Was You. I prefer the Beatles version and now, yours. I've said this before there music will transcend generations and this us why, to take a show tune and make it inti a pop culture love song. Keep it real ladies.

Leif Söderström

All my loving to a female "Beatles" almost as incredible as the original. You have what is needed to do that.


Saludos desde México, excelentes cantantes que bien tocan los instrumentos las admiro y deseo mucho éxito, bye your friend Manuel

Allan Reeling

The first time I came across a diminished chord!! I'm probably not spot on with my chords (in E) but after hours of work I got the instrumental, and sometimes, even now 55 years later, the muscle memory gets it right!!


Love you ladies!


Love it ! I also found this too difficult with all those jazz chords when I first tried to play it in 1963. I feel inspired to have another go now though. A big thank you once again .


...~perfect. I see and hear YOU both, but i remember J.,P., G. & R. in the nicest, possible way. It's an HONOR.


I have loved you ladies since I heard your first Beatle cover song. I hope that one day you can play in Colo. Springs, Colo. Got to go to band practice. Keep the music coming. Michael Yearout. Bye


Lovely job. Who played bass?

Francily FRancesconi

I love these two special singers.


Superb cover! Beautiful singing and harmonies, and intricate guitar playing and drums masterfully done. Love it! Warm thoughts go out to Steve from Miami!


Another great video, thank you for bringing all the fun and fab music back

Thin Hambly

You Ladies rock, can’t get enough, love your original stuff and your Beatles covers, the best. I would love to hear you do some Everly Brothers covers, you have the perfect harmony to pull that off, so keep on rocking in the real world!

Marián Hrozen

Great. Peace and Love.


Hello and good morning from snowy Canada.
Absolutely wonderful what a joy to watch the both of you play. The family is hooked on the Mona/Lisa Twins.. Excellent job ladies keep up the fantastic work.

Kevin Schotzko

Great job ladies! Real musical talent does exist within the realm of pop/rock music.....and I continue to find it with the Mona Lisa Twins. Like many fans, I accidentally found MLT while browsing You Tube for new music. How lucky was I ! Initially, I liked the Beatles covers, but now favor the 2 cds of original songs. Simply brilliant!
Stay groovy

John Walton

Love it! Thanks.


When I first learned to play this properly with the twiddly bits, I was in tears of happiness. You two bring back that joy and I love you for it, and for the song XX

Dieter Mohr

Wie immer - wie alle anderen Eurer Beatles Covers - ein Genuss. Was für schöne Musik. Danke!

Bill Isenberg

Wow another gem of a song that you both have made better! Thank you so much, our Son Josh was only 15 and landed the lead role in Music Man at our High School and this song is very dear to our hearts! Lisa the George Solo is excellent and Mona the harmonies are so beautiful! Thank you and you have to realize this can't be taught what you both do, and it is a gift! Thank you for sharing that gift with us and love the spirit and love you put into your music, it is so refreshing! Look you took a song from 1963 and made it your own in 2020, how awesome is that!!
God Bless
Bill Isenberg a huge fan from Pittsburgh Pa

Jørgen h. christiansen

Dear Mona Lisa Twins. This brings back memorys from long ago (1963-64), when I was a 9 year old boy listening på The Beatles early work with a schoolfriend. "Till There Was You" with Paul singing was an absolut favorit for me in those early days, and i stille like it very mutch. Your new version here is very good. Thank you for keeping the sixties music alive. Good luck with the music in the future your so talented

Jacki Hopper

PS... Happy Birthday out there to Miami Steve, Team MLT gifted you proud with this rendition in your honour🎂😎☮️

Jacki Hopper

Such a simple but very emotion evoking song, complimented by both the harmonization and instrumentation input put forth into this lovely rendition, you can't help but song along, have smiles come along, warms the heart, feeds the spirit and soul, welcoming to our musical ears, Thankyou with Kudos for once more creating a stellar and timeless masterpiece cover with the utmost MLTBuzzGroovy Magic that you all infuse into all that of which you create to produce memorable and topnotch quality music that appreciative for now and ages to come 💛🇬🇧❤️☮️💜

José Antonio Rodríguez

Simplemente una hermosa canción, interpretada por dos mujeres hermosas

Tony Maciel

What a sweet harmony. Simply a great way of playing this beautiful song!

greg romero

hey ladies....wonderful as usual. i am disabled. will do what i can. love u both. cheers !

Jack Mackie

Time for you to get back to the US, back to the US, back to the US of A!
Really, sincerely, it's time to tour over here!!!!!


I saw the Beatles live and was hooked from the moment I heard them on a transistor radio (under the pillow) 1963, my life ambition to play their songs on as many instruments that I could! Going aok, guitar,sitar,ukulele,banjo,piano! Most proud of the fact the many students I have taught over the years have continued this passion into their own lives! it warms my soul to see multi talented females doing them justice!! too many to chose a fav song it depends on the instrument really! thank you from an old irish lady 69!

Terry Halley

Just Fantastic! You two are so good together! You really are very talented! Loved the song, One of my favs Too!

Ken Bradshaw

Wow! Just simply a Brilliant version of a great song. Although I love the Beatles version, I believe yours has a better feel to it. It flows smoothly with a firm and direct sound. The mix of your Harmonies gave the song a quality that captures the essence of the musicality. This version is definitely on my play list.
I should tell you I listen to your songs all the time. In the car, at home and on my MP3 players whilst exercising.
As a DJ I always play your songs in my sets and this version I will play for the Romantic ones in my audience to dance to.
You ladies are a blessing to real quality music in this day and age. I wish you World wide success and hopefully get to see you if you do a Tour in the Uk. Especially in Nottingham which is where I’m from.
Thank you for being you! Such great Talent ! Xx


Just saw your new video and heard your "Till There Was You." Please never ever stop singing please and may all your dedication and hard work and your talent take you to the stars....


I love what you ladies have been doing musically. Keep it coming. Love ya, Michael.


As always another beautiful harmony I appreciate all you two have done
👩‍🦰👩‍🦳 keep up the good work all the older songs are great.


Simplesmente talento e magia pura...

Richard Hren

Bravissima. And wonderful guitar work. Thanks


If only I was some 40 years younger, I would have wished I could have known you! Alas, that's not going to happen. As a musician/actor, sound engineer, I have been following your "escapades" in music and find you especially alluring and talented. The cute videos are all right, but the ones showing you at work on music are what I especially like. So, please keep it up, stay current and enjoy. I was the about 16 when I first saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and, got hooked into them in a big way several years later. Rubber Soul and Revolver is where I picked up. Anyway, keep on carrying the tradition that is the Beatles. Make more music!


This is great - love the harmony, girls. Love how you do the Beatles songs, brings me back ...


Encore une très belle reprise !! Bravo... Continuez à nous enchanter 😉 !


Great job,,,lovely

Dale Buckley

George would have been proud of that bridge. To the point, well-played, clear in concept.

Mark Brantner

This is the song that made me fall in love HARD with Shirley Jones when I was a boy. As an Adult, I fell in love with The Mona Lisa Twins and this song makes me come around full circle and feel like that boy again.

Byan David Kee

Ladies.. what a beautiful version of one my fav Beatles song. I just learned it also.. great chords and melody.. and George’s solo just blew my mind.. just like the two of you.. beautiful girls.. and I love your new hairdos... till there were twins...💚


GREAT performance and video.


That cover made my morning! Nice work! Your Beatles covers are my favourite part of your repertoire, although I like your Orange work as well. The Music Man is one of our fave musicals, but for some reason I never made the connection to the Beatles version until now.


I remember watching the Beatles doing this live at The Royal Performance when I was twelve years old, and utterly transfixed by them. Even my Dad, notoriously sniffy about "long haired pop singers", said "He can sing a bit, that boy". Great job on the very tricky solo on the authentic Gretsch Countryman, and great harmonies as always. You nailed it ladies!

Bob Galella

Love your cover of the Beatles cover of this song. I have it on the first album released in the USA - Meet the Beatles. So tell me, what instruments DON'T you play? I see Mona (Ringo) on drums and enjoyed Lisa's guitar solo. Keep it up ladies.


Awesome job ladies!

Richard Block

Thank you! I just happened to watch "Music Man" last night and this number is still fresh in my mind. Beautiful song, beautiful rendition, just what I needed to brighten my day.


Sheer bliss. The first time I heard the LP With the Beatles I was 12 . My older brother and I were mesmerized by it, the explosive energy of It won’t be long, the Latino inspired Till there was you, Don’t bother me...well, here I am 55 years later and you’ve succeeded in recreating that very same excitement. Every time I hear your tunes, I marvel at the hours you’ve put into each new production, and what inspired you to select each song. I’ve often thought to suggest you look into doing a cover of a song by the Dave Clark Five called Because , I think it would fit in nicely with your early 60s classics!

Jay Mandeville


hugo vallenas

Lovely version!!! Thank you very much - sorry for Steve from Miami - Here in Latin America we love this song because it has a "mexican-bolero" treatment, specially in the guitar solo. When the Beatles played this song live in their first visit to the Ed Sullivan Show, a lot of public of all ages reacted positively: "This long haired rock and rollers really sing and play well" - I was a school kid in 1964 and this song persuaded my family to "accept" their music at home. Just a lil' tip (don't hate me for that!) , good old Georgie played the guitar solo without looking to the guitar frets!!! Love for you!!!

Marco Antonio Sampaio Calado

Love this song. And played by you, it was wonderful.

Gordon Parmenter

Great song beautifully sung well done twins, I'm sure miami Steve is looking down and loving all your doing, as are the rest of us


My gosh, what a wonderful choice of songs. The low end harmony makes it an MLT song. Thanks to both of you. I always wait for your next video. So much talent.

Michael Schuhmacher

"Till There Was You"! Als ich das Lied 1963 auf der LP WITH THE BEATLES" zum ersten Mal gehört habe, war ich entsetzt! Das passte meiner Meinung nach so garnicht zu den Beatles. Dabei blieb es für die nächsten Jahrzehnte.
Dann hab ich's bei einem Live-Mitschnitt gehört. Es hat mir immer noch nicht gefallen. Und was soll ich sagen.....: eigentlich gefällt es mir bis heute nicht. Das gilt aber nur für die Beatles-Version!
Heute hab ich Eure Version gehört! Und nochmal: was soll ich sagen.....?: Eure Version gefällt mir!!!!!!!!!!
Nicht nur das Lied, auch das Video als Solches. Mona am Schlagzeug, gut! Mal wieder beneide ich Euch um Eure Gitarren.
Langer rede kurzer Sinn: Ihr habt es mal wieder geschafft, mich nicht nur zu überraschen, sondern auch zu begeistern.


Girls, das ist echte Musik, nicht der Schrott, der in den Charts durchgehend Platz 1-50 besetzt. Hört sich alles gleich sch**** an. Ihr hebt euch echt wohltuend ab, ganz abgesehen davon, das ihr auch noch ziemlich hübsch seid ;-).


Great perfom
Great version girls ! I especially loved Lisa´s guitar solo. Thank you so much !

Robert Hampton

MonaLisa Twins play me more Beatles loved it!

Rich Truesdell

A truly beautiful rendition, that equals, possibly surpasses the Shirley "Shirley Partridge" Jones original.

Joseph humby

Till there was you was mine and my late wife Maggie's favourite Beatles song and was played at her funeral.not a dry eye there.x

Mike Grimshaw



I've been doing this Beatles version of Til There Was You for almost 50 years now in their style and haven't heard anyone else do it until now. I am very pleased with you style and compliance with the chord patterns, augmentations and "licks" . The added vocal harmony is a great touch. Paul double tracked much of his and actually (a sin to say) Iprefer your harmonies to the orignal Beatles version - very tight with vocal harmonies moving into the minors. Lisa, you did a very nice complimentary solo with some nice added "twang" touches but following George's original and by far best lead solo for that tune. Congrats - a great job. Another to consider "Ask Me Why"? I love you guys - you add to my enjoyment after 70+ years playing Beatles - now hands are shot and guitars mostly sit - but the songs constantly run through my mind. Thank you!

John Brennan

Absolutely, lovely.

Kind Regards
John Brennan
Perth, Australia.

Ben from jersey

Just. Beautiful

Ben from jersey

Two stunningly beautiful voices from the two most beautiful girls in the whole wide world thank you and God bless

Ben from jersey

Two stunningly beautiful voices from the two most beautiful girls in the whole wide world thank you so much and God bless you both

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