Teach Your Children (ft. Papa Rudi) – New Video

As you are reading this, we are adventuring through Iceland celebrating our 30th birthday!

We haven’t been on a proper holiday in many years, so we decided to go big for our birthday and cross something off our bucket list that we’ve dreamed about since we were kids. Of course, we’re bringing our cameras and will try to capture as much of it as we can for a future (music) video!

But more importantly today, the 16th of June, we are not only celebrating our 30th – it’s also Father’s Day (in the UK, US, and a few other places)!

So we are sharing a special video that we filmed with Papa Rudi! The song is part of our most recent album, The Duo Sessions II!

“Teach Your Children” seemed like the perfect song to play together, especially for today’s occasion. There is no person more influential to us, and we have learned so much from him and continue to do so every day. We really couldn’t wish for a better father, and if there’s one thing he has done for us, it’s to instill the bravery to dream and to go for it. He’s our biggest hero ♥

We used to play this song as just the two of us many, many years ago when we were teenagers, but we don’t think we ever grasped its full meaning until many years later. It’s one of those songs that hit different once you grow up!

A poignant masterpiece by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and to be able to do the 3-part harmonies together with Dad means so much to us.

We love you Dad, thanks for doing this song with us!

To our dad and all the other dads out there – Happy Father’s Day! ♥

Mona & Lisa

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24 days ago

…and now one with Michaela!

Edward from Holland
Edward from Holland
28 days ago

Hello from Bangkok, the 12th I jointed my -Thai – wife here for the rainy and the fruit season (and leaving the rainy season in Holland). Congrats with your 30th birthday – and father’s day. Enjoyed the song.Love from Edward

Lee Oberg
28 days ago

This is my favorite! Thank you from this old grandfather.

29 days ago

30 ans déjà !!!!!!!!!! Mais je ne vois pas le temps passer je vous suis régulièrement depuis que vous êtes enfants !!!! Je n’en reviens pas que vous ayez déjà cet âge !!!!!

Bob Landau
1 month ago

What, and no mention of it being two days away from Maca’s birthday? And Papa is even playing a Hofner Violin bass and playing through a Vox amp!… 🙂

Bud Jackson
Reply to  Bob Landau
29 days ago


You’re right! Paul is 82 years old now! Macca Rules! — Bud

Francis Gerald (Jerry) Chamness
1 month ago

Awesome 💛💙❤️‼️

Rob Caspers
1 month ago

Absolutely gorgeous 3-part harmonies. This version appeals to me more than the original…but that’s beause I’m addicted to your voices I guess. And it reminds me of the very early recordings you did with your mum and dad, sixteen years or so ago. Great!

1 month ago

This was very touching. Dad/daughter relationships can be such jewels. I’m very happy it is for you. Your words lift me.

Peter Stark
1 month ago

As an older dad myself, I would enjoy seeing more videos with “Papa Rudi” as he a very good musician and singer with both You. Nice job on this CSNY song, thanks Girls!!

Randy Price
Randy Price
1 month ago

Very good.

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