Sunshine Superman – New Video

Cause I can make like a turtle …

Donovan’s music and lyrics to us are the perfect combination of weird and wonderful.


“Sunshine Superman” has been part of our set list ever since our “Austria” days, when we were just starting out as a band and performing in venues around Vienna. The song has evolved quite a lot for us over the years and is one of those songs that never sounds the same twice.


Today we are sharing with you the recording of our final show at the Cavern Club in Liverpool a few years ago. It is available on our album “Live at the Cavern Club” but so far, the video version has only been available to MLT Club members. We are excited that it is now on our official YouTube channel as well!


Luckily, Lisa had her slide with her that day. She’d often use a blues harp, glass or even the backside of her capo as a makeshift slide when she had left her proper ones at home. It still worked 😉


As always, we have the great Callum Williams and Charlie Skeggs on bass and drums.


Mona & Lisa

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Max Fisher
Max Fisher
8 months ago

Fab! Cheers you up!

Arthur Sennott
9 months ago

This track is what pushed me into buying the Live cavern album sooner than later. I was singing along with the youtube video and I thought how marvelous it would be to record my own version of Sunshine Superman, by basing off a vocal that came from trying to harmonize with my favourite currently working band. You girls are literally inspiring me to make music again. thank you.

Jimmy Lytle
Jimmy Lytle
9 months ago

Oh my gosh that was so cool! Very nice groove and that slide gave it a nice weirdy delectable taste. As usual lovin your harmonies.

Wo9lf Klauschie
9 months ago

I saw/heard Donovan in a solo concert several years ago. He was great!

9 months ago

love this 🙂

9 months ago

Hey, Mona and Lisa, that was great! Donovan, as you say, has got that combination of weird and wonderful. I’d love to hear you do some more by him! He experimented a lot, so all his material was not always equally commercial, but I remember a song he did with Jeff Beck that I liked a lot you might try it, “Barabajagal” that I always thought was very good (although I was expecting Jeff to put in some more guitarwork, like a fancy guitar solo, but he never did and I think the song lends itself to that). Stay as totally cool as you are, I really admire what you two and your mom & dad are doing!

Alma Wilkinson
Alma Wilkinson
9 months ago


Charles Chermault
Charles Chermault
9 months ago

Love this.

D. Vinyl
D. Vinyl
9 months ago

Very very cool!!!

9 months ago

Love your music.

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