Summer Merch Sale

Towel Bundle Summer Sale Orange

Summer Time! 

Since the whole of Great Britain is celebrating this precious and rare thing called “a warm Summer” we thought it’s the perfect opportunity to do a little Summer merch sale – the whole world is included, of course 😉 

For the next couple of weeks our beach towels are -26%our caps are -17% and our lanyards are -33%! Or get all as a bundle for another 10% off on top of that! Perfect to take to the beach, the pool or if you’re more like us: Just out in the sun on the lawn in the backyard! 

Just a little something to celebrate the beautiful weather.


To all our friends below the equator – happy Winter to you! The towels might make for a stylish sauna appearance and opportunity to start a conversation … 😉

Stay cool, stay groovy, stay hydrated,
Mona & Lisa

Lisa Orange Baseball Cap Hat Summer Sale

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Martin Hirschbühl
5 years ago

WOW WOW WOW….this is what you get, when you kindly ask for a gimmick! Besides the two fabulous MLT-CD for the price of one, my package also contained 3 postcards, 2 stickers, 1 personalized ball-pen and last but not least: A PLECTRUM !!!!
….I’ve got no guitar and it’s breaking my heart – but I’ve got a PLECTRUM and that’s a start 🙂

Jacki Hopper
5 years ago

On my WISHLIST…the hat and towel ????☮️☀️????????❤️????

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