Still A Friend Of Mine – Music Video Release

We proudly present to you the closing track, the only piano ballad and the 3rd single off our album ORANGE:

Still A Friend Of Mine

We loved having Papa Rudi on the other side of the lens for once, and the whole day of filming was one for the books. We want to thank Brigid Hemingway (Viola), Rachel Pugh (Cello 1) and Phil Turner (Cello 2) for being in this video with us, as well as the crew, the venue owners and of course Papa Rudi and Michaela for their endless help and support. 

This release coincides with us reaching 20 million YouTube views a few days ago. Two reasons to celebrate are always better than one!

If you like the song you can get the full ORANGE album here (CD, Vinyl or Download) or get the single song.

Please share the song as much as you can!

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Eric Reniers
1 year ago

What a great song it gives me goosebumps every time i hear it, Thank You Ladies

micky ray
micky ray
4 years ago

still a friend of mine – John Lennon

micky ray
micky ray
4 years ago

Still a friend of mine – ah, John Lennon, i see

micky ray
micky ray
4 years ago

I yesterday listened to your HIT (i hope) ‘Your still a friend of mine’ ??? New hit from Mona Lisa Twins new Album ! Very Classy and creative vid and lyrics/melodies/music are Excellent. Congratulations to you 2, and your step-mom and dad, and others that helped with video! —check it out: this wouild be a great copy song, “Look Through any Windwo” the Hollies.

Richard Ross
4 years ago

Is there a more beautiful song ever recorded? The is video is Exquisite. There has been mentioned that this is Lisa’s YESTERDAY! Quite possibly. This song and video will be talked about for decades. This song most likely will be Mona and Lisa’s first 1,000,000 viewed Original.
This is a WORLD CLASS NUMBER ONE video and song. There has been much speculation and debate who the song is about, it’s pretty clear after watching what the answer is. As a special bonus to everyone the LEGENDARY “Papa” Rudi Wagner makes and appearance in the video playing the piano.
This is by far The MonaLisa Twins finest Video. Take the time and treat yourself to a Magical Time. Worth every second. CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS LADIES!!????❤????

Joe Powers
4 years ago

Well, I got the notification of the video being out in my email today and I immediately clicked on the link to watch it. It’s just wonderful… well done, so cool, and so moving! The quality of all your videos and pictures are so great. Is it Rudi that does all that? Is there anything he doesn’t know how to do?

You know….I know it’s kind of weird to say you’re “proud” of people you don’t even know, but I’ll come out and say it….I’m proud of you two and what you’re doing, the wholesome way you’re doing it, and what you’ve accomplished (thus far and will accomplish in the future).

I have twin granddaughters that are nearly 9, and when I watch all the stuff you two have done over the past 10 years, the father and grandfather in me just can’t keep but come to the surface when I see you two being so inspirational and successful. I’m just happy and proud of you, from one human being to another.

Love the video! How did you ever find that harmony at 45 seconds into the song? Talk about harmony…..LOL…dang, I guess! Is that a dissonance I’m hearing? Your voices are so close! Really cool sounding! 🙂

I’m still just getting to know all the songs on Orange, but I scanned all of them quickly when I first got it and “Still a Friend of Mine” instantly jumped out at me on the first listen. It’s that type of song. In the old days they would say it had a “hook”. I wish today was like the old days…..where radio stations around the world all played pretty much the same music. Then, everyone could hear this beautiful song. The world needs it so badly. It’s one that would easily be a hit, I think.

What the world (still) needs is “love, sweet love,” and you all are doing your share. Congratulations on your new video!

Richard Ross
Reply to  Joe Powers
4 years ago

While Rudi does most of the editing Mona and Lisa are learning how to edit as well and help out in the process.

4 years ago

Already shared! When can we purchase a copy of the video? Do we have to wait for the DVD to come out?
Absolutely loved the video. Amazing vocals, Lisa. I know your time to shine will be next, Mona. Besides, you looked and sounded amazing. You are both stunning in this video. I can’t wait to see more! Lots of Love to you two, the piano player, Michaela and everyone else. ???? ????????????????

Jung Roe
4 years ago

Wow! Every now and then a song comes along that can really move you, send shivers and raise goose bumps when you hear it or bring a tear to your eyes. “Still a Friend of Mine” is that kind of powerful song for me and I know for many others here. It is one of their best masterpieces indeed that is just world class and timeless.

This video captures the beauty of this song so elegantly from father Rudi starting off on a white grand piano, Lisa with her hauntingly beautiful singing and Mona’s beautiful voice providing harmony in the background, and the string trio providing a wonderful instrumental background. Absolutely stunning performance.

4 years ago

So beautiful…

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