Steve Hunter likes ORANGE!

Steve Hunter with ORANGE quote

Steve Hunter is an incredible US guitarist and
 has played with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Tracy Chapman, Julian Lennon and more. His career as one of THE best session musicians is remarkable, and we were overjoyed when we first heard from him. We connected through Instagram more or less by accident but got talking and soon exchanged our latest records. To our absolute delight, he and his wife really enjoyed ORANGE!

His new instrumental album “Before The Lights Go Out” is superb. Every song has a distinctive flair, and the guitars have such a vocal quality that it keeps your full attention all the way through (in our case that’s rare for a whole instrumental album). Of course, the playing is to die for but it’s also so well recorded that it feels like you’re sitting IN the music. There isn’t an album we own that we could compare it to.

Lock your guitars away before listening to this album, or you might be tempted to burn them afterwards 😉 You can get it here:

Thank you, Steve!
Mona & Lisa


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