Sound Of Silence – New Video

Hello (darkness) my old friend ...

We would like to share a new video with you today. This one is from our second “season” of Duo Session videos that we release monthly over at the MLT Club. We were so excited to finally do a new Simon & Garfunkel cover!


All their songs lend themselves perfectly for an acoustic Duo Session, but we chose “Sound Of Silence”, possibly Simon & Garfunkel’s biggest and most beloved song. We remember singing it with our school choir and being spellbound by its gorgeous harmonies.


It surprises us to say this, but this song means so much more to us now that we have spent so many hours singing, practising and then ultimately recording it.


It’s one of those songs that we felt we knew inside out for years, but every time we would play it in preparation of this Duo Session the words and meaning would deepen a little. By the end, we almost understood its true meaning 😉

New Original Music

If you would like to support the making of more Duo Sessions like this and watch plenty more of them, you can always join us over at the MLT Club.  We have 28 more Duo Sessions uploaded with more in the making as we speak!


We also just released a new original single there last week called “I Bought Myself A Politician”. We will start working on a video for it soon but if you’d already like to hear it and what it’s about, you’ll find it in the MLT Club, too! 

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6 days ago

Great harmony!! You ladies need to come to Canada!!!!

John de Bont
John de Bont
3 months ago

you two are like wine. Getting better when get older

David Fisher
5 months ago

I totally love the songs you sing. Thank you for sharing this.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊

Brian McQuater
5 months ago

Im blown away by this , I did not want it to end , magnificent , stunning harmonies thank you for sharing

Peter Mathews
Peter Mathews
6 months ago

I think that song suits the sisters beautifully.
Do they do an achapello version ?

Iskandar Salim
Iskandar Salim
6 months ago

Monalisa. It’s good performance! Much equally with the original by Simon & Garfunkel.

6 months ago

Will we be able to hear your take on Ticket To Ride in the near future?

6 months ago

Very Very good!

Bob Barker
Bob Barker
6 months ago

A cover version worthy of the original, Ladies. The lyrics resonate today as much as they did when Paul Simon wrote them. S & G’s album of the same name, which I bought on release in 1966, has some powerful tracks, any of which you could choose to bring your vision of them to the 21st Century, whilst keeping the thoughts of the original, a talent which you bring to all your cover versions.
As well as being a writer of World class, it’s a forgotten fact that Paul Simon was one of the greatest exponents of the acoustic guitar, someone with few rivals, and in that regard, it should be said that Lisa more than holds her own in her rendition.

Geary Clouthier
Geary Clouthier
6 months ago

Great Job Ladies.

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