“Sommerszene Festival” in Gänserndorf

MonaLisa Twins on stage at the Sommerszene Gänserndorf

Not only the size of the billboads is growing, …

… also the number of people who visit our concerts is increasing dramatically! Last Saturday we played for 300 people, today at “Sommerszene Gänserndorf Festival”  there were approx. 800 folks. They all gathered on the beautiful festival lawn to enjoy a cozy evening with culinary and musical delicacies.
The program promised just the very best: 7.30 – 9.00 pm MonaLisa Twins and afterwards a famous Viennese songwriter 🙂 Not even the storm alerts for Eastern Austria could keep people at home.

And indeed – at the end of our concert we had this additional “adventure-factor” when it suddenly became stormy and the rain shower which was hanging over us for 2 hours like the sword of Damocles finally came down. People quickly put on their raincoats and umbrellas and the sound operators hurried to cover the monitors and PA. It looked like we were playing on a building site but we continued with 60ies music and kept up the good mood.

When Roland Neuwirth and his band started to play the weather was peaceful again and this wonderful summer night continued – both for the lovers of this special kind of Viennese Song and for us. Cause we quickly packed our instruments and equipment in our trailer and hurried to our next performance at the legendary Annerlfest at Rutzendorf (a village next to ours).
Many thanks to all the people who listened so interestedly despite the rain and to the many fans who extra travelled to Gaenserndorf to see us.

More pics … Facebook album 🙂

Most of these wonderful, partially even artful photos were taken by our friend Thomas “Fuxi” Fuchs. The other great pictures we found in our grandpa Franz’ and our own archive. 🙂 Some of them might look like they were posed and shot in a studio but they are all live.

That brings us to our next story …
Mona & Lisa


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