Seeing Paul McCartney Live in Cologne

Mona with Paul McCartney tickets for Cologne

Yesterday was SUCH an amazing day!

We flew to Cologne/Germany to see a 3 hours concert of Paul McCartney at the Cologne Lanxess Arena. We’re still overwhelmed and a bit dizzy in the head. The 3-hour concert already owns a spot in the “5 best moments of our live” 😉
For us it was so great to see our biggest idol and the man we look up to the most live on stage, No now we’re still running around the house with the biggest smiles on our faces. We’ll certainly never ever forget that day!

Paul McCartney on stage in Cologne

Before the concert we met up with a lovely local fan and today (before we the took the plane back to Vienna) we visited the new “Music Store” in Cologne. It moved and is even bigger now! You could probably spent days in there!
We just came back from the airport and we’ll go to bed soon but we just had to tell you about this first!
Tomorrow it’s time to get back to work!

Mona & Lisa

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Frank Ramsay
Frank Ramsay
8 months ago

I concur, it would be great for you to collaborate with Paul and Ringo. Are they aware of you? Have they ever seen your videos or heard you play? Imagine if they would record with you, a few of your original compositions…such as This Boy is Mine. It’s sounds a lot like 1964. And doesn’t your band need a bass player and a drummer?

Steve Kensok
2 years ago

Paul and Ringo should WANT to meet you, sing with you! You girls really do justice to their songs…and all the other artists. Please let us know if that ever happens!!!! That would be sooo cool!

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